Miami Season 2 Episode 14





This episode started out a little weird with Joanna and Lisa making a ruckus in the bedroom. A pillow fight with two hot girls! They’re silly and fun– they’re just like us (but better)! Who’d a thunk?


Act One Scene One

Right away Lea jumps into the talk from yesterday. Any normal person would want to know if someone was cheating on them. Any normal person would want to see the article. You have to be crazy yourself not to agree with her. Karent can say until the end of time that she’s confident in her relationship, but I’m not buying it. A part of me believes the rumors that her and Rodolfo are a fake couple. A part of me says she has been hurt before and is faking this confidence thing until she convinces not only everyone around her, but herself as well. The best women get cheated on. Cue the Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock stories. I don’t know if she’s got problems, is clueless, or is really that naive. I find it almost offensive to women that she can talk this huge successful independence game, then act like a total bimbo. The ones that act like they have no problems have the biggest issues.

The BS part of it all is that she continues to say she’s heard things about Alexia’s and the other women’s relationships, but doesn’t “give a sh*t.” She is soooooooo flattered that the other women care enough about her to investigate her relationship. Get over yourself. You’re on a TV show. I try hard to like Karent, but there’s something about that fake smile and dumb attitude that I don’t agree with.

Lea’s comment about Roy cheating on her: priceless. “He can’t afford to cheat on me.” Karent goes on to do this annoying act using Joanna and Lisa to show how Lea bosses Roy and the kid around. Once again, she insults with a smile on her face, making it okay– I guess. Lea laughs and doesn’t care, but is glad Karent has an opinion. Karent responds saying, “I have an opinion when it matters.”




Oh, Karent. Good for you! This mattered so much, but your failing relationship that is stopping you from having children and starting a family when time is limited…eh. Maybe some other time.



Pack Your Bags—Guilt Trip for One

Switch to the other women all snuggled up in blankies. Marysol calls Mama Elsa. Who doesn’t love a little Mama Elsa? “Marysol…I’m not a Bictoriaaannnn lady.” And this time she has some pretty good things to say and makes Alexia feel guilty about the article thing. She tells the ladies that it’s none of their business. In real life, it’s not. In TV land, you betcha. Alexia tries to flush the article down the toilet, but it doesn’t want to go away. A little literary device in today’s episode? Hm? A little foreshadowing?


Cue the Music

Once the storm starts brewing and the cheesy Full House music begins,you know there’s a serious talk about to come. Lea and Lisa talk about Lisa’s troubles having kids and Lea offers good advice that can be applied to any situation. It was a good scene. I have to admit Lisa was not on my good side in the beginning of the season. I’m always a little cautious about new girls and she seemed like she had a chip on her shoulder. Her tagline, “My husband is Miami’s number one plastic surgeon, and I’m his best creation,” or something like that is beyond pathetic and demeaning. I hope she has a better one next time that doesn’t scream “self-esteem issues.” She deserves better than that.

After seeing her throw her party, bond with Lea, and deal with the girls, she grew on me. Her troubles with her marriage and having kids really seem to humble her and you can’t help but feel some sympathy and realize not all is as it seems. Lea’s promise that she will have kids one day is a huge one, but I do hope it comes true. Good luck, Lisa! But please relax on the surgery—when you can’t tell what a person really used to look like is when it’s enough.

S2-E14 2


Five Star Lunch

The conch stand scene is awesome. It’s relaxing, homey, cultural—the exact place a housewife doesn’t belong.

The girls are put off by the conch. Joanna makes a dirty joke and laughs like she’s surprised she said it. Marysol makes a huge decision, saying that she’s going to sign the papers and leave the ex. Good for her. I don’t know the relationship—it wasn’t shown that much. But if someone is not happy, they should just change it. Revelations at the conch stand.

There’s a parallel drawn between Karent and Marysol, both trying to avoid confrontation and problems in their relationship. Marysol seems to have jumped on board. Karent missed take off.


Dinner and a Show

Seeing Karent cry from the news about her father is sad. There’s no flight out and she’s stranded. But, the show must go on. The girls get together for dinner.

Lisa tells the camera that the ladies will think that Karent’s not there because of the night before. And she goes on to cut through the positivity when Alexia tries to compliment everyone at the table. She asks what Alexia thinks about Karent and Alexia says Karent is not here so she doesn’t want to talk about her. Nay, Lisa insists. Way to be the neutral peacemaker there, sport.

The girls dish out their beef. They say Karent doesn’t take responsibility and is clueless about everything. I can see that. Joanna isn’t having it and will go down with Karent. She calls Marysol out for the whole Elaine thing (whom I’m quite sick of at this point—old news and boring). Marysol tells her  she apologized even though she didn’t need to. Lea is not having it. They go back and forth. Lisa gives her two cents for whatever reason. Don’t get into it! Leave it alone. This drama is so useless in the show. It is all about he said she said. She called on the phone. He said this at this party. Stuff that didn’t happen on the show. Stuff that doesn’t deal with the housewives. Bla bla. Why is this still getting airtime?

Joanna tells Alexia that there are rumors that her husband is gay. LOL. Hilarious! Left field, baby! Adriana is my girl. So funny and is always ready to have a laugh. She says that everyone is so stressed. Is she the only one getting some around here? Maybe so. With Frederic, I’d rather not picture it.

The conversation centers around proof and responsibility. Once again, there’s a parallel with Marysol and Karent. Not only do they not confront the problems in their relationship, they don’t take responsibility for anything. Karent doesn’t with her meddling with the media and refusing to look at the picture proof of Rodolfo’s infidelity. Marysol doesn’t with the gala drama and Elaine mumbo jumbo. With Marysol, I don’t know. With Karent, the proof is in the pudding, honey.

Marysol and Lea’s fight is so boring. The gala drama and Elaine drama is so done. The show’s just beating it to death. Different girls believe different sides.

But—Marysol’s statement: “You think your gala legitimized my business? My business legitimized your gala.”

BAM. Loved it.

Adriana gets into it to support Lea and James somehow squeezes his way into the show again. Hitting myself over the head. Ana has an internal struggle on whether or not to defend Marysol. And she does. Good for her, taking a stand for what she believes in. I agree with her wholeheartedly. This has been going on way too long. Lea likes to wave her hands and yell. Marysol likes to shake her head and be done with it. “Agree to disagree, I don’t give a sh*t.” Right on, Ana.

But wait. Lisa, the one who started the whole thing, comes out halo and all, spouting spiritual nonsense, and wants to heal at a hole. Great plan!

The ladies, classy as always, give hugs afterward. Lea and Marysol begin to cry as they hug it out. Lea realizes she has a strong personality and feels bad for Marysol. Marysol misses their friendship. Lisa starts crying that cry where you don’t want anyone to see but Joanna points it out so then she shakes her head like she’s mad at herself. Everyone hugs and takes a shot with the chef.

S2-E14 3



Final Thoughts

I think this vacation suffered from one major thing. There was no drunk Ramona or Sonja to spice things up! C’mon ladies. Even Beverly Hills got wasted and had a little fun.

What happened with Karent’s father was sad and unfortunate, but I agree with Lea. She has to wake up and stop avoiding everything. Smiling as you insult and constantly hinting that the ladies are so jealous is ridiculous. Let’s see some realness.

I hope the hugs and all mean that Lea v. Marysol v. Elaine is over. It was like hearing Paula Deen talk. I just can’t stand it.



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