Beverly Hills Season 3 Episode 7


The episode begins where the last one left off: at the Agency’s event. Kyle attacks Kim like she so often does. While we all know how it feels to be the odd girl out, when everyone knows something you don’t, I don’t think the reasonable thing to do is take Adrienne aside right away and blab everything she knows. Wasn’t the best idea, but understandable. It’s not completely random. I’m surprised that I didn’t see any backlash from Brandi about this, knowing that Kim and Brandi were on shaky terms from the start and only beginning to get better. This might speak to her desire to really settle things with Kim and want to make it better.

Brandi has been one of those housewives that takes some time to like. When she entered the scene, most of the women were against her in the show, as was I watching it. She seemed very classless and rude. While she might not be the most sophisticated of women, Brandi’s charm comes from her truthfulness and bluntness. Like it or not, that is who she is and that’s all she’s ever shown us. Unlike some of the other women who seem to change their personalities every season, you know what you’re going to get from Brandi.

Mauricio seems to be taking a dip into the drama and picks a side as well. Although he doesn’t outright say it in the beginning, he disagrees with everything Brandi and her friend has to say. Taylor gets a little stunned by Paul’s behavior, bringing some bad memories up. Kyle so rudely says in an interview that it’s not about Taylor. Way to be a good friend there, champ. Taylor isn’t my favorite housewife by far, but ‘friends’ don’t do that. I felt a little uncomfortable with Paul’s behavior as well.

S3 E7

My whole beef with this drama is that they won’t say what the hell Brandi said. This is bringing me back to Elaine v. Marysol from Miami. We don’t know what’s been said or what’s going on, so why should we care about the drama that ensues? Bravo! What’s the deal? Horrible TV right there. Ooooh, that bugs me.

Later, Brandi sends Ken flowers. Her crush, joke or whatever, is funny and I like the relationship she has with the Vanderpumps. Kim is at the gym and talks about going to Vegas for her son’s birthday. Now that’s a slippery slope. She’s been doing great and I am happy to see her happy. She was actually one of my favorite housewives in the past seasons even though we saw so little of her and she was out of it for most of the time.


Mr. Housewife Wants Some Action

Mauricio wants to join the Mean Girls and asks Kyle to sit down to talk gossip. He doesn’t like the idea that Brandi is invited to the dinner party. Good for you, Kyle, to invite Brandi and understand he’s only taking sides because he doesn’t know Brandi. This is what I mean about Kyle. She acts reasonable and mature sometimes, like in this scene. But then, she goes and acts a different way with someone else. It’s confusing and inconsistent.

Mauricio doesn’t know what to tell Kyle; he doesn’t want Brandi there. Tough luck, kid. Let the housewives be on the housewives and go sell some houses so you can buy more cars.


Mean Girl Conference

Right when you see Faye, you know there’s trouble coming. I wonder if she knows that agreeing to be on the show is basically a character suicide. Every time she’s on screen, she’s aggressive, doesn’t even know much, and keeps pushing. She didn’t come off looking crazy at the last notorious dinner party because Camille and her psycho sidekick took that spot. However, this time, Faye is definitely taking the villain role.

S3 E7 1 copy


Look, Mom! I’m on TV!

Switch to Lisa’s house. Here comes Scheana dying for some airtime. She wants to talk to Brandi, but Lisa will not have it right now. Some common sense there. She shoos her out, but, as we know, Brandi and Scheana do meet on the next episode. And from what Bravo has shown, Brandi rocks it. Good for her.

S3 E7 2


No Sweat

Now we move onto Yolanda who has not been in the last two episodes really. She’s looking fabulous, fit, and gorgeous as always. There’s something about Yolanda that I just love. Just like Kim said, she has a good soul. You can see her love for people. She’s an amazing host, has an amazing house, and looks great. There’s also something so hilarious about Yolanda in this group of women. She spouts of peaceful and classy babble and the girls mostly ignore her. It’s great and funny. Anyway, she barely has a role in this episode as well and they probably only showed it to remind people she was still alive. She doesn’t show up for the rest of the show.

Back to Lisa’s. Brandi and her have girl talk. Brandi wants to share her side of the story and feels really anxious about it. Lisa thinks things are pretty ugly. Nay, Brandi says. They can get so much worse. “Trust me.” We do and we are ready.


Dinner Party from Hell: Take Two

Kyle’s dinner party. What the hell is the dress code? Kyle is wearing a jumpsuit with diamonds, Taylor looks like she’s about to smoke on the beach, someone’s wearing a dress, and Camille looks comfy casual. This foreshadows the mess that the dinner party will become.

S3 E7 3

Brandi feels bad that Adrienne isn’t there because of her. Someone at the table is interested in the drama and so Brandi says what she thinks because the girls asked. Faye jumps on something Brandi says and that’s when Faye puts her helmet on and is ready to tackle.

I feel bad for Brandi in all of this because Faye is clearly on the offense, Kyle is backing her up, and she’s all ganged up on. Brandi says that before the last reunion, Adrienne met with her and told her to be on ‘their side’ because they were going to gang up on Lisa. Brandi didn’t agree. Because Adrienne didn’t like that, she went against Brandi.

Faye starts getting snappy and rude. It’s one thing to say what you think, but one thing I cannot stand is when someone talks to someone else as if they are stupid. Faye, get off your high horse. Everyone else, butt out. Brandi holds her own even though they bombard her.

Lisa tries to get it dropped. Kyle jumps on her for being on the ‘I hate Adrienne’ train and Lisa basically asks her why the eff she even cares. Why do you care?

Marisa comes to Brandi’s defense. Woohoo! Go girl. Faye tries to shush her and says that she doesn’t know Brandi. News flash, Faye, NEITHER DO YOU! She goes on to attack Brandi’s personality and calls her an attention seeker. Faye cannot wait to hear what Brandi will start saying about her. Hey, what about what the audience will say when they see how crazy you acted? Brandi leaves with dignity and class. She really kept a level head through it all and defended herself without attacking and pointing fingers. I just wonder when she will stop being bullied.

S3 E7 4


Final Thoughts

Faye on the show is a mess. She is such a drama tank that attacks everything in her way. I don’t know why she thinks she can get into things when the only source of her information is Kyle who flip flops every episode. Brandi kept her cool and held her own as she was attacked yet again. The drama between Adrienne and Brandi is hard to follow because there is so much going on that we don’t know about, a major flaw in the show. And um, more Yolanda please!



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2 thoughts on “Beverly Hills Season 3 Episode 7

  1. Teeny Bikini says:

    I agree with this 100%: “Brandi’s charm comes from her truthfulness and bluntness.” I also I think they don’t like her because is young and hot. I will never underestimate their cattiness. I heard on Wendy Williams the secret is that Adrienne used a surrogate for all of her kids, but why would that be a secret and who would care about that? I can’t watch until they fess up about the secret. I don’t think it’s fair to the audience. It’s manipulate… Great blog, excellent subject 😉

    • I heard that as well. I’m not sure where but I remember reading she staged fake photos of her with a pregnant belly to show to her kids. Maybe because she’s lying to her children about it is why it’s such a huge issue? Who knows. I’m waiting for them to say it as well because having drama around a topic that we know nothing about is a little awkward on a TV show.

      Thanks for the input!

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