Miami Season 2 Episode 15

Love, love, love! Love in the air, love over here and there, love in my hair! This episode is all about love. So let’s get to it.


Healing Holes

It’s a stormy day in Bimini and the housewives are stuck. What else is there to do but to heal at the healing hole minus the hole? Seriously, there was no hole.

However, the scene was a nice one and seemed to bring the odd bunch of girls closer together. Everyone held a flower that symbolized something in their lives that they wished for or wanted or felt stressed about and threw the flower into the clear blue water of the ocean. Ana’s wishes for Robert to be happy and good things to come was especially touching to me. She’s always the tough one so to see her so open and upset was a different view of her. There’s some revelations and moments of peace from some of the ladies as this magical moment makes them realize what’s truly important.


Back to Miami

All of sudden we are back in Miami joining Adriana, Frederic, and Adriana’s son at a piano recital where she joins him in a lovey song that the editors so cleverly made the background music for these love-filled scenes. It’s really cute, though.


Afterword, Adriana and Frederic tell her son that they made plans to get married in the spring! Aww. However, he’s a little taken back that Frederic didn’t ask him for his opinion. He is the man in Adriana’s family, after all. It gets better, they tell him. After the wedding, they’ll all pack up and live on the boat, floating forever in a sea of love. Told you there was going to be a lot of love.

Let’s move onto Joanna. Finally, a Polish girl on the series. Me and my fellow Polish gals were rooting for her until she proved that all Polish girls have a crazy bone in them. Then we just accepted this. But, control your alcohol, Joasiu!

She walks into her home and sees flower pedals…everywhere! She’s OMG-ing and covering her mouth in surprise. Romain emerges from the bedroom like a Greek god tickled pink. He gets down on his knees and re-proposes to Joanna with a stunning necklace. They have a moment of honestly where he truly apologizes for his actions regarding those pig emails. Joanna admits she was hurt, but knows that she loves him. Let’s try and forget that they broke up for a while (which I was totally devastated about). Don’t fret for they are back together. In this little sneak peak, we can see that they are back together (hurrah!) and Joanna v. Adriana has sizzled back to life.

Oh, but even better! Joanna and Romain decide on a spring wedding as well. Do I smell Bride Wars Miami style? Make it happen, Andy!

S2-E15 2

Now, I know a lot of people are against Romain and Joanna being together. Sure, Joanna has her problems. She has anger issues, can act a little crazy, and takes Romain for granted. Show me a woman that is none of those things! Just from watching the show and the way they interact with each other and the way her mother relates to him, I can tell they really do truly care for each other. Let’s not forget that Romain had his stunt with the emails and the cameras are not following him around all the time. His stability is good for her and I wish them all the love and luck in the world. What did I tell you? Lots of love, love, love!


Dos Divorces

Now we move onto the divorces. Even though these wouldn’t seem like the loveliest of times, there’s still love in these scenes. Ana is at the table with Robert with the final papers that make the divorce official. It’s sad. I can tell she’s accepted the fact that the marriage is over and she needs to move on, but I think she’s afraid that signing the piece of paper will make those 23 years nonexistent. I’d like to pause and say, 23 years?! That’s a long time and makes you wonder if there is a difference between loving someone and being in love. Might be the case here.

I’m sorry, but I can see where Robert and Ana’s relationship might not have worked. Does anyone find him incredibly rude to her emotions? I understand he likes to make jokes to make light of things, but she is clearly upset and laughing at her only belittles her feelings and makes it seem as if he doesn’t care to acknowledge them. Take it from a girl whose boyfriend has laughed problems off. That is the worst thing you can do! Don’t do it. I can see that behavior taking a large toll on a couple–especially when facing challenges that I’m sure 23 years of marriages gives you.

Nevertheless, the girls are there for their parents and they are still truly a family– a wonderful one at that.

We move onto Marysol and Phillippe. Phillippe has gained a few pounds, has he not? Maybe the divorce is taking a toll on him as well. They share some feelings of being ready to move on and knowing that the marriage did not work. They still care a great deal about each other. So there, LOVE. It’s not going away, people. Later, when Marysol is sharing a meal with Mama Elsa, looking like two wild jungle cheetahs, she calls Phillippe to invite him to her anniversary party for her company. They seem happy! It seemed like getting that marriage crap out of the way let them be happy and comfortable with each other again. I hope they stay friends and Marysol finds her true hunk of burning love out there.


S2-E15 3


Small Break from Love for some Laughs

The show brings in the humor this episode with Daisy’s surgery. Lisa is allowed to watch and distracts. Daisy says funny things and Lisa promises to take care of her.

Joanna and Lisa meet with Lea and they sit down to talk. Lea gives her story of how she worked and was very independent before she met Roy. Lisa needs to find what makes her tick and follow it. I agree. Lisa does not give herself credit for anything and is really just a housewife. I love the bond that Lisa and Lea formed over the season.


Love is Blind…and Deaf…and Stubborn

Karent has been busy taking care of her sick father. Very sad. She says she doesn’t have time to worry about Rodolfo. Family comes first.

When she does eventually talk to him, she gobbles up another BS story of the whole kissing thing to be a media stunt to boost this show he’s working on. Is she seriously that dumb? She believes it and smiles the whole way through. Ladeedada. I can’t stand her. Even if that were true, do you think that’s an amazing candidate to have for your plans of having a family and stable husband? No. He’s gross. She has broken up with him since so thank you heaven!


Boom, baby!

Lisa and Lenny are going over plans for their new house on Star Island (which sounds like a video game from Sega or something). She asks where the baby rooms are and voices her concerns about wanting to be close to the baby. They remain hopeful and optimistic about their chances for a family. Lisa tells Lenny she loves him and points out she doesn’t say it very much. You should say it more, Lenny says. She cries and they hug.


Wrap It Up

The season finale wraps up at Marysol’s party. All the girls share their lovely experiences with love since they’ve been back from vacation. Adriana and Joanna half joke about having a joined wedding. It’s very awkward and everything. Lisa shoots down Rodolfo. Karent smiles.

Who should come out of the woodwork but Elaine? Uggghh. I guess the show needed a way to show Elaine v. Marysol was over since she invited him to perform and, yet again, there is love…until we see the previews for the reunion.

S2-E15 4

In the little future statements the show gives us about each of the women, we learn that Lea is writing a book about Miami. Lisa is planning much for her future family. Joanna and Romain are broken up (but now back together). It’s kind of lame when I hear stuff about the girls in the media before the show. Kind of ruins it. Karent has finally broken up with Rodolfo. Ana is happy. Marysol is happy. I honestly don’t remember all of them, but people are happy and there is love!


Final Thoughts

This season was a gazillion times better than the last one! This is proven by the fact that they actually get a real reunion show this time. I started out not liking the new women. Lisa grew on me and I hope if she is back she picks up a better tagline and finds more confidence in herself. Actually, I’d love her to come back with a baby. Joanna has been a roller coaster of a ride. She is pretty crazy and I found myself not liking her many times. In all, I’m indifferent about her, but hope she and Romain make it out alive. Ana was the most relatable. Karent I could do without. The older girls that Bravo kept were kept for a reason. Lea was fabulous as always. Marysol was a sweetheart. Adriana was always there for a laugh and a good time. While this isn’t my favorite housewives location, it was a good season.

Can’t wait for the mess that the reunion is going to be!



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