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Beverly Hills Season 3 Episode 11

Having just watched this episode on demand, I’m going off what is fresh in my mind– not off written notes because I was too busy eating. So, don’t mind my skipping around too much. It’s the main points that count, right?


Martha Stewart, Back Off

So let’s start of with Yolands in her kitchen making something not only yummy, but also very pretty looking. Her friend Suzanne Somers stops by, along with Kyle and Lisa. So random. Anyway, they enjoy some food in Yolands ‘s awesome backyard and Suzanne talks about what it takes to live forever. A bunch of pills zip-locked in a freezer bag apparently.  Suzanne says you need to have a good sex life, and Lisa says, “Oh really? Oh no.” Or something along those lines. You know, it’s her typical ‘I hate having sex but do I really? hmmm bad, girl’ routine that is kindaaaaaa getting old.

But it was a wonderful time. Cheers, cheers, cheers.

S3 E11

Because I am on a Faye boycott and refuse to talk about scenes her face seems to butt into, I’m going to skip over Kyle’s daughter’s 6th grade graduation party. Adrienne and Paul show up, Kyle says a nice speech, but that’s all I got to say.


A Nose Doctor Knows About the Nose

Now we move onto Kim. Every time I see her, I seriously go, “Oh yeah! Kim’s a housewife.” It’s just so easy to forget. Anyway, she’s always looking at something or talking about her kids with the hired help and this is no different. While she is going over photos of her kids at younger ages, she says she wants a nose job……….what? Her nose is perfectly fine. Never did I once look at her and think, “Geez, that nose.” That is so random. But apparently she asked a plastic surgeon if she should get any face lifts and he flattered her by saying no. But the nose, he could do.


Getting Ready for Vegas!

Brandi has a friend, Adrienne, over…not that Adrienne..another. And they are trying to figure out what Brandi should pack for Vegas since she is doing that party-with-Brandi gig. I remember her calling it some kind of school, but I don’t know. She also practices pole dancing in a scene…and doesn’t seem too bad at it. Like, at all.

S3 E11 1

Then we move to Marisa’s house. So is she a housewife? Is she not? Is she an honorary friend? Looks like she’s taking  a bigger role because she will be going to Vegas. So Marisa, half-assed up do, a few too many accessories, and bra straps sticking out of a racer back (those strap perfects are available at Walgreens for like 5 bucks!), argues with her mom about what is cute and what isn’t. Everything I just mentioned: isn’t.

S3 E11 2

Lisa is also packing and Ken says she doesn’t need pole dancing lessons. Aw.


When a Man Loves a Woman

We move onto Yolands, again in her kitchen, and again making an amazing meal! Damn, I want to be her. She talks about how it’ so easy to cheat and men are simple. You feed them, you make them feel loved, you pat them on the head, you take them on walks, you rub their bellies. Very simple. And that’s why she and David work so well. She makes him feel like a man. And damn is she an amazing woman. Anyway, they fawn over their perfect view and each other.


Girl’s Night

The girls are in Vegas and having a blast at dinner! They rip on LeAnn which I love. LeAnn sucks. And Kyle says she cannot imagine being pregnant and having your husband leave you and cheat on you. She doesn’t know what she would do. I don’t know what I would do. I don’t think many of us would even know where to begin!

Brandi makes Kyle eat an oyster. I was frustrated with Kyle’s response (she hated it) because gosh I love seafood and I would love to eat seafood in Vegas. But whatever. Brandi tells Marisa that she felt bad for Dean and Marisa brushes it off, like “we have a playful-banter relationship. He’s a good man and I’m very lucky.” Where are the tears, dammit? Just kidding, but not really.

So the girls have more fun and bond.

S3 E11 3

Kim goes to a surgeon to ask about her nose. And the girls do some warm up stripper routine thing.


Anticipation for Next Week

But what is even more exciting to me is the previews! Camille is on a mission! The girls are shown at dinner and Yolands has joined them. Camille yells at Yolands about something and then turns to Lisa and says, “You don’t own SUR.” I should really stop putting quotes around things I am paraphrasing. But she says something like that and Lisa is all, “Uh yes, I do, bitch.” Paraphrasing, but you know.

So I can’t help but wonder what has Camille’s panties all in a bunch and whether Season 1 Camille is back for some fun. Because really, we all love nice-nice Camille. But who doesn’t want to see a little bit of Season 1 come out?


Final Thoughts

I’m glad the girls are all giggling and having fun this week, because they sure ain’t next week. And um, where’s TayTay? With her lawyer boyfriend maybayyyy?



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TGIF GIF (1/25/13)

When I first see a new housewife–





(not mine. from here.)

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Beverly Hills Season 3 Episode 10


The Moroccan extravaganza continues.

Now I know I didn’t cover last weeks episode and I know I will be walking into this skipping over a few things– but I’m making the assumption that you’ve caught yourself up.

So now we’re back with the lovely ladies of Beverly Hills, getting all Moroccan-ed up. Mauricio is continuing to argue with Brandi about Adrienne. OMGosh Mauricio, stfu! He keeps telling Brandi to pick up the phone and call Adrienne– that he’s been involved in many lawsuits that ended when he picked up the phone. I think last episode when Brandi said her lawyer advised her not to contact Adrienne, Mauricio sooooo smartly said that you don’t have to do everything your lawyer tells you. Award for Smartest House Husband: Mauricio. For suggesting you pay someone to take care of you legally, then don’t listen to them.

Ken (whom I love, that cutie pie) comes to the defense for Brandi. She does not have a husband to take care of her. She’s at this alone. She had just gotten out of a divorce and now has to deal with even more lawsuits. Go Ken for sticking up for Brandi.

Brandi finally socks it to Mauricio and tells him to stfu! I think she even calls him a motherf*cker…Anyway, I was waiting for her to blow up. It’s only a matter of time with this one. And I’m glad she did. Mauricio, in all honestly, is more annoying the more I see him!

S3 E10

And here comes Kyle, swooping in. She tells Mauricio to butt out. Honestly, butt out.

S3 E10 2

Taylor ArmSTRONG (emphasis on the strong) is talking to Camille and is stressing how she has had it so tough. That she had been through so much and she is so strong. And single females are so strong. And she is strong. Strong, strong, strong. Yolanda, not happy hearing this from across the room, tells Taylor to stop with the nonsense.

Annnnnddddd, I want to venture off onto a side topic. Brandi’s rumor.


The Surrogacy

This scene, where Yolanda tells Taylor to stop talking nonsense, is something to note. In this scene, we see and hear Kyle in the background, saying, “It’s not about the surrogacy. It’s not about the surrogacy.” She says it twice, just in case you missed it. However, this has led people to say…hey! The rumors about the rumor (so many rumors) that supposedly claimed that Adrienne did not have her children, but a surrogate mother did, might damn well be true! Here we have Kyle, yelling it across a restaurant, so it doesn’t get more clear than that. I wonder if there’s a lawsuit coming her way. Duck, Kyle!

Don’t believe me? See for yourself. It’s the second video on this blogger’s post.

Interestingly, I’ve been looking around the internet during my spare time and have noticed some rumors about Adrienne’s marriage. And at this point, I would like to give the credit to wherever I read this. I can’t find it at the moment. However, I remember reading Adrienne and Paul had faked the marriage for television. They had been on the rocks for a while but wanted to put on a good show for the cameras while boosting their own reps. This comes from a close source, I suppose. Also, Adrienne is dating Sean Stewart! According to her, he is the bee knees.

Enough about the Maloof Goofs. Let’s get back to the show.

Taylor continues to gossip to Camille (rather loudly) and that it pisses her off that Yolanda had the nerve to tell her she was talking nonsense while she is sitting in some castle in princess land sipping on tea with lemons (not her exact words, but basically the gist of it). She also says that they (her and Camille) know more about her (Yolanda’s) husband more than she knows they know. That’s a lot of ‘knows’. But hmmm…wonder what Taylor could be insinuating. Camille is all, “Yeah, yeah. Okay.” She has that look where you just really don’t want to hear it.

Brandi gets up to go to the bathroom. Yolanda goes to her. Lisa joins in. It’s the dream team! I love these girls together. They talk about why it’s not right for Mauricio to get involved.

And now everyone is leaving. Mauricio, even though he just ruined dinner and attacked Brandi, wants to let her know that it’s not personal. Brandi, standing her own, says, “Y’know, it kinda is.” Ken mumbles that Mauricio is a typical man. He continues to say something in another mumble which I can’t seem to make sense of. Something about men or women and knowing something. Mauricio does a half laugh, where he doesn’t really know how to take that.

Kyle claims he is not the typical man. Now, let’s play: Mauricio… The Typical Man?

Does Mauricio brag about how much he makes?

[x] Yes     [ ] No

Does Kyle sit at home all day and make babies while Mauricio walks around in his suit, apparently calling people on his phone all the time?

[x] Yes     [ ] No

Does Mauricio try to tell women what to do?

[x] Yes     [ ] No

Does Mauricio stand by his opinions and own them no matter what, not claiming that they aren’t personal?

[ ] Yes       [x] No (ooohhh, I guess that would put him under the Typical Boy category)

Three out of four points. My dear golly, I guess I would have to agree with Ken. And I guess most Bravo watchers do! (When asked whose side they were on on WWHL, 76% sided with Ken).

Thanks for playing, Mauricio.



We move onto Paul and Adrienne arriving at Kyle’s home for a get together. Adrienne is typing away on her phone while Paul tries to lead her. She ain’t having it. Inside, they discuss the Brandi situation and how they had to go to New York to escape the toxicity she has created. Toxicity? If that’s toxicity, I should be going to New York on a regular basis!

Kyle is appalled by the way Brandi had talked to Mauricio and if it had been anyone else, she would have launched across the room and taught them a lesson! Hey, Kyle saying one thing away from someone’s face then another to someone’s face? That NEVER happens.



Yolanda is decorating a home for her ex-husband and that’s about all I got from that whole scene. She also demands someone study the English before bed every night. She is still perfect and is still living my dream life.


Turbo Tax

THE TAX COMMERCIAL! The tax commercial from Turbo Tax with Kyle in it? Did anyone else find that hilarious? That Turbo Tax actually thinks that will reach us Bravo viewers? Kyle narrating a valet’s life? That’s so sad it’s funny.


Back to Business

We have some more fun with Yolanda and her kids and MoMo, the ex. Yay!

Then the scene switches and I catch a glimpse of Faye. So, I turned my attention to my laundry. She will not waste a second of my time.


Brandi and Marisa Dine and Whine

Fast forward to Brandi’s dinner with Marisa. Marissa? At dinner, Marisa completely tears apart her husband. She says he isn’t that handsome and is the total opposite of what she usually goes for. Is it just me in this world that doesn’t go for tall, dark, and handsome? I like the classic handsome and would definitely go for Dean over Mauricio any day. She says how annoying it is that he does independent films. She wishes he did huge productions with all the money perks. OMG, does her husband watch this? What the hell can he be thinking?!

Brandi said she feels bad for Dean. Um, I do too!

Marisa says she and Brandi are alike. They are blunt and always say before they think…so how are Kyle and her friends?


The Art Gallery

The art gallery. The girlies all arrive. Marisa always has her hair tied back in some half assed, ‘I’m late to school’ sort of way. Which looks weird with her fancy dresses and big earrings. Kyle is wearing something around her head and looks like she’s wearing a jail suit jumpsuit. Ain’t cute!

So uhhh…hi Paris? How random is that! She stops by to say hello to the camera the girls. Marisa is again killing Dean. She says she doesn’t understand how other girls can think her husband is good looking. She thinks she got married too young and didn’t get to be a slut party. She didn’t even know who she was until 30! If all she says is true, then I am personally in huge shit.

Mauricio gives Ken a bottle of gin as a ‘I’m sorry’? I don’t know. I don’t know what else it could have been. Ken says he doesn’t like it. LOL. Mauricio says it’s amazing. So Ken sarcastically says, “It’s amazing!” He pretty much brushes Mauricio off and Lisa has her own awkward hello with him.

S3 E10 3

They leave. Mauricio turns around like a little girl and tells Kyle exactly what happened. She gets that look like it’s just the biggest news she’s ever heard and it’s outrageous! You know…this one?

S3 E10 4

S3 E10 5

S3 E10 6

Oh yeah, Yolanda buys a painting.


Final Thoughts

I wish Mauricio would go away.



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Kandi Burruss New Years Engagement to Todd Tucker


Looks like this new year isn’t just a big year for NeNe in terms of love, but Kandi seems to be basking in it as well!

A huge congratulations to Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker who are finally tying the knot.

Todd was introduced to us this season as Kandi’s new boo, man, love, all that and above (or something like that– I am not the lyricist here). As we watched the season unfold, we saw how lovely and awesome they really are together. You can just see the chemistry in the few times they do appear on screen together which can be hard to capture.

As one of my favorite Atlanta housewives, who in all seems the most real and down to earth, I am very, very happy for her.

Let’s get down to the details. Apparently, Todd played a little 007 and bought a ring that Kandi had been eyeing on a Housewives trip. It was shipped over to him from Las Vegas and he had been carrying the thing around for three or four months, just waiting in sweet anticipation for the perfect moment.

Well, that perfect moment happened to be on New Years day. After asking Riley, Kandi’s daughter, for her blessing, he got down on one knee and popped the question in front of close family and friends. Who was also in attendance? The lovely (and pregnant!) Miss Phaedra Parks. Don’t you just love their off-screen friendship?

Obsessed with engagement and diamonds rings (okay, mostly just diamond rings), I was most excited to see the ring. And it’s a beaut.


Many congrats to Kandi and Todd! Lots of wedding bells in Atlanta.



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Beverly Hills Season 3 Episode 8

This week’s RHOBH was rather dull and boring, especially after all that time we waited from last time.

I would have had this recap up sooner, but alas, real life gets in the way and my Monday nights are plagued by responsibilities. Nevertheless, I have caught up and am totes ready to give my two cents.


Brandi Walks Away

The episode picks up where the last one left off: Kyle’s dinner party where Faye Resnick is still wielding a knife, ready to stab until…until…well, I’m not really sure why Faye continues to harp on Brandi or what she’s hoping to accomplish. Maybe for Brandi to send flowers to Adrienne. I don’t know.

Anyway, Brandi, sometimes a smart cookie, leaves the dinner party very distraught. Two face Kyle jumps from the round table and tackles through a football team of help and cooks to annoyingly follow her. Brandi keeps walking away as Kyle follows her down the street. She obviously is not interested in talking to Kyle or to further the attention on her.

But Kyle insists that she feels bad that this all happened at her dinner party. Sooooo what does that mean? If it happened at Lisa’s, you would have tag teamed with Faye? As if Kyle really cares. She should be the one taking responsibility. Wasn’t she the one who went to dinner with Faye and told the talking parrot what to repeat at the dinner table? I hope Brandi understands that.

Anyway, there’s some crying and more statements repeated like “It’s none of her business” and “I just don’t want to talk about it.” There’s some shots of the dinner table with Lisa and Faye and more “She is such a bad person” and “It’s really none of your business.” Things we’ve been hearing a lot of.

S3 E8

That scene finally ends…and we’re quite over it since it happened…like a million weeks ago.


Another Medium

We move on to Taylor. She starts the little segment by saying something along the lines of “I’ve been really busy so I don’t have the time or energy to care about the drama that happened yesterday.” Busy as in dating a married lawyer figuring her life out.

To aid in the fight, she enlists the help of a medium. And this scene is in no way new to a Bravo viewer. If I had a dollar for every time we saw a psychic medium on one of these shows I’d have a million like twenty dollars.  So it’s the typical routine. The medium is weird and walks around the house with chants. She sits down with Taylor and there’s some shots of Taylor looking extremely constipated concerned. I am just loving these cross outs today.

She asks if the courts will suck her dry or if a settlement will be reached. The psychic does this weird thing where she asks a father? or something whether or not there will be court. Then the spirit slaps her with the yes or no answer. Her head whips to the side or up. This happens a few times and the end result is that no, there will be no court. A settlement will be reached. Phew, Taylor says.


Namaste Bitches

Ahhh, the yoga scene. As a yogi myself, I enjoyed the fact that yoga was brought up, but then again heartbroken. We notice that no yoga will actually be done because Kyle’s hair is polished and shining in a half-up half-down do. And if you practice yoga, you know that that shit doesn’t fly. It gets all over the place.

Anyway, yoga is a perfect excuse to invite Marisa over, who were are seeing a lot of and whose face vaguely reminds me of Cruella Deville. That’s besides the point. They are not there to stretch and breathe; they are there to talk about the drama that happened at the dinner party. Kyle admits that she thinks Brandi is not truly sorry. Marisa says that she thinks Brandi is a cool girl. She was really nice to her at dinner and they bonded over talking about their children. Good for you, Marisa, to say what you truly think.

S3 E8 1

We get a little interview of Faye (ugh why?) saying that “she’s not buying Brandi’s apology.” Since when was it her place to buy anything? What does she have to do with anything? Go home, Faye.

Marisa also got a interview…are they just giving those interviews away at Bravo? Where can I pick up mine?

The yoga instructor scolds Kyle and Marisa for not truly being into their workout. The girls giggle because they are just oh so silly gals gossiping all cute. I wonder how much he’s getting paid to stand there.


Is it Cold in Here?

Lisa and Brandi — BFFLs– go shopping. Brandi picks out a pretty trashy sparkly skirt that doesn’t look like it’d go over the butt and her nipples might as well have interviews of their own because they are popping out so much that Bravo had to blur them out. But that has always been Brandi’s style and, like I’ve said before, with Brandi, you know what to expect.

So here’s the plug for Lisa’s new show. Lisa wants Brandi to sit down with Scheana, Shana?, Scheena? and talk about the cheating scandal. Brandi doesn’t know if she should do it. A simple, short scene.

Now we check in with Taylor again. The medium is right! The lawsuit can be settled, but the lawyer (AKA married man boyfriend at the time just ‘friends’) says that Taylor needs to give up her wedding ring and two really expensive bags that I just can’t remember the name of. She is heartbroken by this news and tears up. She asks her lawyer if she can let him know in a couple days. And he says, “yeah that’s fine, they just want to know by tomorrow.” Okay, awkward.


Perfect Mom Award

Yolanda! How I’ve missed my Yolands. Yolands is playing the perfect housewife as always, looking great doing it. She says her daughter can’t do volleyball because she’s got to focus on modeling. I could see how people would not like this statement. But I kinda have to agree with her. Her daughter is such model material. It’s a tricky thing not to ruin that. But like everyone wants me to say… “stop controlling your daughter,” “let her live dammit,” and the like. David Foster talks about how much he loves Yolands and how she takes care of him. I would too if I lived like that.

That’s all we got from Yolands. She’s pretty much just out of the loop and doing her own thing in her gigantic house.


Adrienne and Paul Working Together

Is it just me or does anyone feel SO AWKWARD watching Adrienne and Paul on screen? It gives me so much anxiety! I’m not sure if it’s because of all the things that are happening now like the divorce and lies or if they are just truly awkward. My roommate, who knows nothing of the show, asked if Paul was Adrienne’s ex husband. That was a mess to explain, but even so, that proves that they just do not seem in love. The smiles on the camera ain’t fooling anyone.

So, Adrienne and Paul are coming up with this face stuff that Adrienne uses on her face and wants to give it to the public… as if anyone would ever want their face to look like something that came out of Lord of the Rings. Just saying, lay off of it Adrienne. Anyway, she says a little more about Brandi in her interview. Whatevs.

S3 E8 2


Dinner and Drinks

Kyle, Adrienne, and Taylor plus their men (lawyer boyfriend/just friends included) sit down for dinner. Taylor announces she gave up her ring and bags. The ladies make a point that it’s not about material things. Yeah…right.

S3 E8 3


The Confrontation

Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. I feel a little guilty because I feel like I owe you more. I feel like I need to say more than I’m going to say because this moment has been blown up so much. But the Brandi and Scheana scene just sucked so much! The bridge to Vanderpump Rules sucked so much! I absolutely hated everything from this point on.

Brandi basically rocks the confrontation and Scheana tries playing the “I was in love with him!” card. I’m really proud of Brandi’s strength here and I don’t even know her. If this had all happened to me, I’d be crying in the corner. But Brandi has truly accepted it, is willing to face it whenever, and move on. My favorite line is when she basically says, look at us. I’m the one who’s doing a lot better in life. I have my own thoughts on how cheesy, unclassy, and desperate Scheana comes off, but  I’ll save us the time.

But how old is Scheana? She seriously looks 15.

This is when things get awkward. After the confrontation and everything is deemed okay, music starts playing. Music with words…UM WHAT? Since when has the housewives played anything with words? And it’s cheesy, too. It’s so awkward! And then you know what’s going to happen when the camera does not follow Brandi, but follows Scheana who talks to Lisa. Lisa brings up SUR and Vanderpump Rules begins.

Because I was still finishing eating some crackers with spreadable cheese wedges, I did sit through the first ten minutes. The music is annoying. The atmosphere is annoying. The drama is fake…and annoying. The people? Annoying. Thanks, but no thanks. I’m really not into it and I will not be watching this show. Bring back the housewives! Take these kids to the dump.


Final Thoughts

This episode was very slow moving. Nothing really happened. The confrontation with Brandi and Scheana was the highlight and it was pretty inspiring to watch Brandi hand it to her. But the segway to Lisa’s show completely ruined it and made the whole housewives franchise look really, really dumb.



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Adriana de Moura Marriage Drama — already married to Frederic?






It’s come to the attention of many bloggers and entertainment reporters that there might be some lies going on in the steamy city of Miami. This is not the first doubtful thing to come out of  the Housewives franchise and it certainly won’t be the last.

According to bloggers and reporters alike, Adriana de Moura is and has been married to Frederic…since 2008!


Adriana de Moura’s storyline on the Miami Housewives centers around her ex husband’s betrayal. Season one we learned he had a hidden, secret family and Adriana recalled the infamous call when the “other wife” called and confronted Adriana. The woman said she was his wife. But impossible, Adriana says, I am his wife.

This man’s name is Roberto Sidi. Apparently, Adriana said that she caught the cheating in 2006. Records indicate that she actually filed for divorce in 2001 and was officially divorced in 2003 (I’m not sure where this source comes from).

To top it off, a marriage license surfaced recently that says that Adriana and Frederic were married in 2008! Kind of blows her whole story line out of the water and makes you think what else is a bunch of malarkey, if Bravo looks into the women they are hiring, or if everything is scripted.

From Miami Herald Blog

Copied from The Miami Herald Blog

We can give The Miami Herald Blog credit for digging up most of the dirt on this one! This is what  Adriana’s publicist had to say:

“Adriana did get divorced in 2003, but her and Roberto tried to work things out and had a common law marriage until 2006. [This explains finding the cheating in 2006, but being actually divorced a few years earlier.] After breaking it off she then met Frederic in 2008. On a romantic whim after dating briefly, Adriana and Frederic went to the clerk’s office on their own with no friends and family, and were married. There was a discrepancy in the certificate – so instead of having the marriage fix [sic] or annulled, they decided to take a step back and hold off until they were truly ready. Adriana and Frederic are planning to have a beautiful (and proper) wedding this spring.”

In addition: “Marriage certificates are not valid by law if there is a typo on it. There was a typo on their certificate. I have no further comments at this time.”

I guess this has to do with Adriana’s maiden name. It’s really ‘Moura’ and not ‘de Moura,’ or something like that.

Should we believe this? Well, I guess that kind of depends on whether you want to.

When the blog reached out to Bravo, publicist Ryan McCormick replied, “We were not aware that they were married.”

Well, with all this going on, we can’t help but ask, does the couple consider themselves married?

marriage twit

There you have it. Whether she sees herself as married or whether she wants to continue the lies, Adriana says they are not married.

Fans, however, are not happy. Many are blaming Bravo and asking Adriana to be taken off the show next season. I, in all honestly, don’t see what the big fuss is all about. If you thought for a second the housewives were still as real as they were back in the day, you are delusional. And in all honesty, how much did you REALLY follow Adriana’s and Frederic’s relationship? Did you REALLY care about that storyline? Sheesh. How many times do we say that a license is “just a piece of paper.”

I’m not condoning lies, but to take it so seriously is taking reality TV…too seriously.

What’s even more shocking to me is Adriana’s age! 47? Looking really, really good.








Note: This information is not mine. I will never have an exclusive because I don’t have the time or energy to stay that committed to the housewives. Information I get is read from various blogs and websites and I compile what I have come to understand.

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TGIF GIF (1/4/13)

Before a Housewives Reunion–




(not mine. from here.)

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Miami Season 2 Episode 17 Reunion Pt. 2






This reunion is kind of everywhere.


Not Joe Business

We come back and are talking about Lisa’s party. Did Joanna sleep with Joe Francis? No. No criminals on her plate, thank you very much. Her sister? She won’t speak on her behalf. Ana says Lea brought Joe Francis as a prop and Joanna agrees, saying that Joe Francis knew she would be there. Lea thinks that’s dumb. I, however, do not. It makes complete sense. He knew she was a housewife. The housewives were being filmed. Let’s get some TV time!


Hey, Pay Attention to Me!

S2-E17 1

I don’t know why, but Lisa! Omgosh, Lisa! I don’t know what to think of her. I went from hating, to liking, to not caring. At this point, I am over it. She just cares about stupid stuff and says the dumbest things. When asked if there were any regrets, Joanna said she wishes she didn’t drink so much and Adriana wishes she didn’t get physical. But oh, boohoo. Lisa comes around and says no one cares about her feelings! It was her party! And it was ruined! Like c’mon.  Well, Lisa this is all I have to say about that:


Karent talks about the article and how it wasn’t her fault. Adriana apologizes about freaking out and apologizes to Joanna for getting to a “low level.” Joanna agrees.

Joanna talks about how her photos were “stealen” for an escort service. In fact, she’s in a lawsuit with two clubs that have done the same thing. Same! Same! Lisa shouts. But hey, shut up, no one cares and no one stopped to listen. Marysol says, “Why don’t these things happen to me?” LOL. That was funny.

Joanna talks about her tickle fetish video. She was young and dumb, she says. Hey, I’m young and dumb but school and the real world has drilled into my head that that shit follows you everywhere so tough luck.

Ana brings up the Joe Francis as a prop thing again. She says he discussed the Joanna confrontation with her and he said that Lea knew what was going to happen. Lea jumped up, diamonds blinding and all. Lea says she’s boring and Ana attacks Lea’s age. “This is not the Old and Restless!” Haha. Karent again says some hallmark BS about experience and age. Sighhhhhhhhhh.


Enter Cuban Barbie

Alexia, Cuban Barbie, takes a seat on the couch. Her boobs have a life of their own in this dress. She’s looking like a witch/vampire slayer. But in a super glam glam way.


It’s a heartwarming moment as Alexia talks about her son and Marysol sheds some tears. Lea pats invisible tears. Adriana commends Alexia for being a strong, great mother.

We move onto Peter’s arrest. He hit a homeless man and it was videotaped. She says it’s because of the stress from his brother’s accident. He knows he’s wrong. She starts crying hard and goes on to say that Peter does have his punishments. So then we move on to Karent mentioning Frankie, Alexia’s son, at the venue party. Karent has this moment where she thinks she’s being hardcore or whatever and wants to speak up. But then Alexia says she’s going to speak up too so Karent  should shut up. So she does. LOL.


Pointing Fingers

Andddddddd we move onto a montage of how annoying Karent is. I love Marysol’s “carrier pigeon’” title. “Here comes the carrier pigeon swooping in. I unroll the message from her leg and it says ‘you’re in trouble for wearing fur’.” HAHA I love that. So Karent tries to defend herself for always stirring up trouble.  Joanna and Lisa support Karent. The same old.

Moving onto the article in Bimini. Lisa tries to say that she was cornered into telling Karent. Everyone, and I mean even Andy, agreed that it was smart that Alexia took Lisa aside to tell Karent about it. After all, she’s like her only friend. But hey, Lisa wants to blame everyone else. In all seriousness, she really didn’t have to tell Karent right then. Then Lisa tells Alexia not to talk to her like a child. Hard to when you act like one. Okay yeah, definitely over Lisa at this point.

They talk about the rumors about Alexia’s husband being gay. Alexia says everything that comes out of Joanna’s mouth is trash. Wow! Alexia talks about how much she loves her husband and Joanna and Karent mock her for getting emotional.

Marysol and Lea talk about Marysol’s marriage and how Lea put it down for the whole green card thing. Marysol said she was a sucky wife.

Andy asks Lisa about how she met Lenny in Vegas. REALLY don’t care. Moving on. She does say she regrets doing Playboy and thinks it’s rather cheesy. Interesting… Don’t know if I believe it.

Marysol has to pee. Lea turns to Karent and says, “Maybe she wouldn’t have to pee so much if she didn’t drink so much.” Very nice, Lea. That kind of hit the nail in the coffin to me about that one. What a nasty old witch. She really does hide every insult in a laugh then says it’s okay. She used to be one of my favorites…shame.


Mama Elsa’s Two Cents

MAMA ELSA! ARRIBA! She doesn’t think Joanna has respect for people. Adriana laughs. And then the best line of the night: “I am a very good friend, but a very bad enemy.” I guess Joanna called her the devil or something and she was very offended. Karent starts saying something and Mama Elsa basically tells her to shut up, saying, “I’m not talking to you, number three!” HAHA.

We go onto Kramer’s dinner party. He has tried calling Mama Elsa to go out and she says that she does not want to see him. Lisa is annoyingly shaking her head because she cannot even accept the fact that some people don’t kiss ass in life. When is doubt, Lisa dances on a poll on the dinner table. No matter what!

More useless talk ensues for a while.


Can You Feel the Love Tonight? Me neither.

We end the reunion talking about relationships. Ana still has love for her ex. Marysol is doing good without Phillippe. Adriana is planning the wedding. Joanna and Romain are excited to tie the knot. Karent is glad she’s done with Rodolfo. Lea gets emotional and basically says Ana is off her rocker and she is not going to forget it.


S2-E17 2


Final Thoughts

This season was definitely ‘stealen’ by Karent and Rodolfo’s fake, annoying relationship. I still love all the old girls minus Lea. Lisa, as we know, was a roller coaster of dislike, like, really dislike. Karent—I wouldn’t care if I never saw or heard about her again. Ana surprisingly got me to like her. Joanna I am very indifferent about. Marysol will always seem like a kind heart to me.

Even though this season was 10x better than the last, I’m not that upset to see it end.



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Gregg and NeNe Leakes Engaged…Again! NYE Proposal




A huge congrats to exes, now  newly engaged, Gregg and Linnethia Leakes! Gregg proposed on New Year’s Eve and NeNe said…yes!

After watching the fall of their marriage on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, we were sure the couple was over. YOU HAVE DONE ME WRONG. Ringing any bells for you?

However, as we watch this season, we realize the old sayings hold true. If you are meant to be together, love will find a way. In Gregg and NeNe’s case, it has! Now we’re hearing different kinds of bells– wedding bells!

Her fans were able to join along in the excitement as she tweeted her way through the night. Chirp, chirp.

She first started off sharing a photo of them celebrating the new year. (From the Leakes–I might add– as if they were a married couple anyway.)



Shortly after, she was lead away to a condo full of love.



Oh yes, NeNe. It bet it was on.

There was no question whether or not this was a proposal for shortly after NeNe tweeted her answer and left her fans glowing with hearts and little cupids swirling around their heads. (This is read from the down up for all you non-twitter savvy folks.)


Again, congratulations Gregg and NeNe Leakes! Seems there are a lot of good things coming for many of the housewives this year.



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