Miami Season 2 Episode 17 Reunion Pt. 2






This reunion is kind of everywhere.


Not Joe Business

We come back and are talking about Lisa’s party. Did Joanna sleep with Joe Francis? No. No criminals on her plate, thank you very much. Her sister? She won’t speak on her behalf. Ana says Lea brought Joe Francis as a prop and Joanna agrees, saying that Joe Francis knew she would be there. Lea thinks that’s dumb. I, however, do not. It makes complete sense. He knew she was a housewife. The housewives were being filmed. Let’s get some TV time!


Hey, Pay Attention to Me!

S2-E17 1

I don’t know why, but Lisa! Omgosh, Lisa! I don’t know what to think of her. I went from hating, to liking, to not caring. At this point, I am over it. She just cares about stupid stuff and says the dumbest things. When asked if there were any regrets, Joanna said she wishes she didn’t drink so much and Adriana wishes she didn’t get physical. But oh, boohoo. Lisa comes around and says no one cares about her feelings! It was her party! And it was ruined! Like c’mon.  Well, Lisa this is all I have to say about that:


Karent talks about the article and how it wasn’t her fault. Adriana apologizes about freaking out and apologizes to Joanna for getting to a “low level.” Joanna agrees.

Joanna talks about how her photos were “stealen” for an escort service. In fact, she’s in a lawsuit with two clubs that have done the same thing. Same! Same! Lisa shouts. But hey, shut up, no one cares and no one stopped to listen. Marysol says, “Why don’t these things happen to me?” LOL. That was funny.

Joanna talks about her tickle fetish video. She was young and dumb, she says. Hey, I’m young and dumb but school and the real world has drilled into my head that that shit follows you everywhere so tough luck.

Ana brings up the Joe Francis as a prop thing again. She says he discussed the Joanna confrontation with her and he said that Lea knew what was going to happen. Lea jumped up, diamonds blinding and all. Lea says she’s boring and Ana attacks Lea’s age. “This is not the Old and Restless!” Haha. Karent again says some hallmark BS about experience and age. Sighhhhhhhhhh.


Enter Cuban Barbie

Alexia, Cuban Barbie, takes a seat on the couch. Her boobs have a life of their own in this dress. She’s looking like a witch/vampire slayer. But in a super glam glam way.


It’s a heartwarming moment as Alexia talks about her son and Marysol sheds some tears. Lea pats invisible tears. Adriana commends Alexia for being a strong, great mother.

We move onto Peter’s arrest. He hit a homeless man and it was videotaped. She says it’s because of the stress from his brother’s accident. He knows he’s wrong. She starts crying hard and goes on to say that Peter does have his punishments. So then we move on to Karent mentioning Frankie, Alexia’s son, at the venue party. Karent has this moment where she thinks she’s being hardcore or whatever and wants to speak up. But then Alexia says she’s going to speak up too so Karent  should shut up. So she does. LOL.


Pointing Fingers

Andddddddd we move onto a montage of how annoying Karent is. I love Marysol’s “carrier pigeon’” title. “Here comes the carrier pigeon swooping in. I unroll the message from her leg and it says ‘you’re in trouble for wearing fur’.” HAHA I love that. So Karent tries to defend herself for always stirring up trouble.  Joanna and Lisa support Karent. The same old.

Moving onto the article in Bimini. Lisa tries to say that she was cornered into telling Karent. Everyone, and I mean even Andy, agreed that it was smart that Alexia took Lisa aside to tell Karent about it. After all, she’s like her only friend. But hey, Lisa wants to blame everyone else. In all seriousness, she really didn’t have to tell Karent right then. Then Lisa tells Alexia not to talk to her like a child. Hard to when you act like one. Okay yeah, definitely over Lisa at this point.

They talk about the rumors about Alexia’s husband being gay. Alexia says everything that comes out of Joanna’s mouth is trash. Wow! Alexia talks about how much she loves her husband and Joanna and Karent mock her for getting emotional.

Marysol and Lea talk about Marysol’s marriage and how Lea put it down for the whole green card thing. Marysol said she was a sucky wife.

Andy asks Lisa about how she met Lenny in Vegas. REALLY don’t care. Moving on. She does say she regrets doing Playboy and thinks it’s rather cheesy. Interesting… Don’t know if I believe it.

Marysol has to pee. Lea turns to Karent and says, “Maybe she wouldn’t have to pee so much if she didn’t drink so much.” Very nice, Lea. That kind of hit the nail in the coffin to me about that one. What a nasty old witch. She really does hide every insult in a laugh then says it’s okay. She used to be one of my favorites…shame.


Mama Elsa’s Two Cents

MAMA ELSA! ARRIBA! She doesn’t think Joanna has respect for people. Adriana laughs. And then the best line of the night: “I am a very good friend, but a very bad enemy.” I guess Joanna called her the devil or something and she was very offended. Karent starts saying something and Mama Elsa basically tells her to shut up, saying, “I’m not talking to you, number three!” HAHA.

We go onto Kramer’s dinner party. He has tried calling Mama Elsa to go out and she says that she does not want to see him. Lisa is annoyingly shaking her head because she cannot even accept the fact that some people don’t kiss ass in life. When is doubt, Lisa dances on a poll on the dinner table. No matter what!

More useless talk ensues for a while.


Can You Feel the Love Tonight? Me neither.

We end the reunion talking about relationships. Ana still has love for her ex. Marysol is doing good without Phillippe. Adriana is planning the wedding. Joanna and Romain are excited to tie the knot. Karent is glad she’s done with Rodolfo. Lea gets emotional and basically says Ana is off her rocker and she is not going to forget it.


S2-E17 2


Final Thoughts

This season was definitely ‘stealen’ by Karent and Rodolfo’s fake, annoying relationship. I still love all the old girls minus Lea. Lisa, as we know, was a roller coaster of dislike, like, really dislike. Karent—I wouldn’t care if I never saw or heard about her again. Ana surprisingly got me to like her. Joanna I am very indifferent about. Marysol will always seem like a kind heart to me.

Even though this season was 10x better than the last, I’m not that upset to see it end.



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