Adriana de Moura Marriage Drama — already married to Frederic?






It’s come to the attention of many bloggers and entertainment reporters that there might be some lies going on in the steamy city of Miami. This is not the first doubtful thing to come out of  the Housewives franchise and it certainly won’t be the last.

According to bloggers and reporters alike, Adriana de Moura is and has been married to Frederic…since 2008!


Adriana de Moura’s storyline on the Miami Housewives centers around her ex husband’s betrayal. Season one we learned he had a hidden, secret family and Adriana recalled the infamous call when the “other wife” called and confronted Adriana. The woman said she was his wife. But impossible, Adriana says, I am his wife.

This man’s name is Roberto Sidi. Apparently, Adriana said that she caught the cheating in 2006. Records indicate that she actually filed for divorce in 2001 and was officially divorced in 2003 (I’m not sure where this source comes from).

To top it off, a marriage license surfaced recently that says that Adriana and Frederic were married in 2008! Kind of blows her whole story line out of the water and makes you think what else is a bunch of malarkey, if Bravo looks into the women they are hiring, or if everything is scripted.

From Miami Herald Blog

Copied from The Miami Herald Blog

We can give The Miami Herald Blog credit for digging up most of the dirt on this one! This is what  Adriana’s publicist had to say:

“Adriana did get divorced in 2003, but her and Roberto tried to work things out and had a common law marriage until 2006. [This explains finding the cheating in 2006, but being actually divorced a few years earlier.] After breaking it off she then met Frederic in 2008. On a romantic whim after dating briefly, Adriana and Frederic went to the clerk’s office on their own with no friends and family, and were married. There was a discrepancy in the certificate – so instead of having the marriage fix [sic] or annulled, they decided to take a step back and hold off until they were truly ready. Adriana and Frederic are planning to have a beautiful (and proper) wedding this spring.”

In addition: “Marriage certificates are not valid by law if there is a typo on it. There was a typo on their certificate. I have no further comments at this time.”

I guess this has to do with Adriana’s maiden name. It’s really ‘Moura’ and not ‘de Moura,’ or something like that.

Should we believe this? Well, I guess that kind of depends on whether you want to.

When the blog reached out to Bravo, publicist Ryan McCormick replied, “We were not aware that they were married.”

Well, with all this going on, we can’t help but ask, does the couple consider themselves married?

marriage twit

There you have it. Whether she sees herself as married or whether she wants to continue the lies, Adriana says they are not married.

Fans, however, are not happy. Many are blaming Bravo and asking Adriana to be taken off the show next season. I, in all honestly, don’t see what the big fuss is all about. If you thought for a second the housewives were still as real as they were back in the day, you are delusional. And in all honesty, how much did you REALLY follow Adriana’s and Frederic’s relationship? Did you REALLY care about that storyline? Sheesh. How many times do we say that a license is “just a piece of paper.”

I’m not condoning lies, but to take it so seriously is taking reality TV…too seriously.

What’s even more shocking to me is Adriana’s age! 47? Looking really, really good.








Note: This information is not mine. I will never have an exclusive because I don’t have the time or energy to stay that committed to the housewives. Information I get is read from various blogs and websites and I compile what I have come to understand.

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2 thoughts on “Adriana de Moura Marriage Drama — already married to Frederic?

  1. She looks UNBELIEVABLE. Ugh. And I’m with you: who really cares? As far as lies perpetrated by housewives, this one is small potatoes.

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