Beverly Hills Season 3 Episode 10


The Moroccan extravaganza continues.

Now I know I didn’t cover last weeks episode and I know I will be walking into this skipping over a few things– but I’m making the assumption that you’ve caught yourself up.

So now we’re back with the lovely ladies of Beverly Hills, getting all Moroccan-ed up. Mauricio is continuing to argue with Brandi about Adrienne. OMGosh Mauricio, stfu! He keeps telling Brandi to pick up the phone and call Adrienne– that he’s been involved in many lawsuits that ended when he picked up the phone. I think last episode when Brandi said her lawyer advised her not to contact Adrienne, Mauricio sooooo smartly said that you don’t have to do everything your lawyer tells you. Award for Smartest House Husband: Mauricio. For suggesting you pay someone to take care of you legally, then don’t listen to them.

Ken (whom I love, that cutie pie) comes to the defense for Brandi. She does not have a husband to take care of her. She’s at this alone. She had just gotten out of a divorce and now has to deal with even more lawsuits. Go Ken for sticking up for Brandi.

Brandi finally socks it to Mauricio and tells him to stfu! I think she even calls him a motherf*cker…Anyway, I was waiting for her to blow up. It’s only a matter of time with this one. And I’m glad she did. Mauricio, in all honestly, is more annoying the more I see him!

S3 E10

And here comes Kyle, swooping in. She tells Mauricio to butt out. Honestly, butt out.

S3 E10 2

Taylor ArmSTRONG (emphasis on the strong) is talking to Camille and is stressing how she has had it so tough. That she had been through so much and she is so strong. And single females are so strong. And she is strong. Strong, strong, strong. Yolanda, not happy hearing this from across the room, tells Taylor to stop with the nonsense.

Annnnnddddd, I want to venture off onto a side topic. Brandi’s rumor.


The Surrogacy

This scene, where Yolanda tells Taylor to stop talking nonsense, is something to note. In this scene, we see and hear Kyle in the background, saying, “It’s not about the surrogacy. It’s not about the surrogacy.” She says it twice, just in case you missed it. However, this has led people to say…hey! The rumors about the rumor (so many rumors) that supposedly claimed that Adrienne did not have her children, but a surrogate mother did, might damn well be true! Here we have Kyle, yelling it across a restaurant, so it doesn’t get more clear than that. I wonder if there’s a lawsuit coming her way. Duck, Kyle!

Don’t believe me? See for yourself. It’s the second video on this blogger’s post.

Interestingly, I’ve been looking around the internet during my spare time and have noticed some rumors about Adrienne’s marriage. And at this point, I would like to give the credit to wherever I read this. I can’t find it at the moment. However, I remember reading Adrienne and Paul had faked the marriage for television. They had been on the rocks for a while but wanted to put on a good show for the cameras while boosting their own reps. This comes from a close source, I suppose. Also, Adrienne is dating Sean Stewart! According to her, he is the bee knees.

Enough about the Maloof Goofs. Let’s get back to the show.

Taylor continues to gossip to Camille (rather loudly) and that it pisses her off that Yolanda had the nerve to tell her she was talking nonsense while she is sitting in some castle in princess land sipping on tea with lemons (not her exact words, but basically the gist of it). She also says that they (her and Camille) know more about her (Yolanda’s) husband more than she knows they know. That’s a lot of ‘knows’. But hmmm…wonder what Taylor could be insinuating. Camille is all, “Yeah, yeah. Okay.” She has that look where you just really don’t want to hear it.

Brandi gets up to go to the bathroom. Yolanda goes to her. Lisa joins in. It’s the dream team! I love these girls together. They talk about why it’s not right for Mauricio to get involved.

And now everyone is leaving. Mauricio, even though he just ruined dinner and attacked Brandi, wants to let her know that it’s not personal. Brandi, standing her own, says, “Y’know, it kinda is.” Ken mumbles that Mauricio is a typical man. He continues to say something in another mumble which I can’t seem to make sense of. Something about men or women and knowing something. Mauricio does a half laugh, where he doesn’t really know how to take that.

Kyle claims he is not the typical man. Now, let’s play: Mauricio… The Typical Man?

Does Mauricio brag about how much he makes?

[x] Yes     [ ] No

Does Kyle sit at home all day and make babies while Mauricio walks around in his suit, apparently calling people on his phone all the time?

[x] Yes     [ ] No

Does Mauricio try to tell women what to do?

[x] Yes     [ ] No

Does Mauricio stand by his opinions and own them no matter what, not claiming that they aren’t personal?

[ ] Yes       [x] No (ooohhh, I guess that would put him under the Typical Boy category)

Three out of four points. My dear golly, I guess I would have to agree with Ken. And I guess most Bravo watchers do! (When asked whose side they were on on WWHL, 76% sided with Ken).

Thanks for playing, Mauricio.



We move onto Paul and Adrienne arriving at Kyle’s home for a get together. Adrienne is typing away on her phone while Paul tries to lead her. She ain’t having it. Inside, they discuss the Brandi situation and how they had to go to New York to escape the toxicity she has created. Toxicity? If that’s toxicity, I should be going to New York on a regular basis!

Kyle is appalled by the way Brandi had talked to Mauricio and if it had been anyone else, she would have launched across the room and taught them a lesson! Hey, Kyle saying one thing away from someone’s face then another to someone’s face? That NEVER happens.



Yolanda is decorating a home for her ex-husband and that’s about all I got from that whole scene. She also demands someone study the English before bed every night. She is still perfect and is still living my dream life.


Turbo Tax

THE TAX COMMERCIAL! The tax commercial from Turbo Tax with Kyle in it? Did anyone else find that hilarious? That Turbo Tax actually thinks that will reach us Bravo viewers? Kyle narrating a valet’s life? That’s so sad it’s funny.


Back to Business

We have some more fun with Yolanda and her kids and MoMo, the ex. Yay!

Then the scene switches and I catch a glimpse of Faye. So, I turned my attention to my laundry. She will not waste a second of my time.


Brandi and Marisa Dine and Whine

Fast forward to Brandi’s dinner with Marisa. Marissa? At dinner, Marisa completely tears apart her husband. She says he isn’t that handsome and is the total opposite of what she usually goes for. Is it just me in this world that doesn’t go for tall, dark, and handsome? I like the classic handsome and would definitely go for Dean over Mauricio any day. She says how annoying it is that he does independent films. She wishes he did huge productions with all the money perks. OMG, does her husband watch this? What the hell can he be thinking?!

Brandi said she feels bad for Dean. Um, I do too!

Marisa says she and Brandi are alike. They are blunt and always say before they think…so how are Kyle and her friends?


The Art Gallery

The art gallery. The girlies all arrive. Marisa always has her hair tied back in some half assed, ‘I’m late to school’ sort of way. Which looks weird with her fancy dresses and big earrings. Kyle is wearing something around her head and looks like she’s wearing a jail suit jumpsuit. Ain’t cute!

So uhhh…hi Paris? How random is that! She stops by to say hello to the camera the girls. Marisa is again killing Dean. She says she doesn’t understand how other girls can think her husband is good looking. She thinks she got married too young and didn’t get to be a slut party. She didn’t even know who she was until 30! If all she says is true, then I am personally in huge shit.

Mauricio gives Ken a bottle of gin as a ‘I’m sorry’? I don’t know. I don’t know what else it could have been. Ken says he doesn’t like it. LOL. Mauricio says it’s amazing. So Ken sarcastically says, “It’s amazing!” He pretty much brushes Mauricio off and Lisa has her own awkward hello with him.

S3 E10 3

They leave. Mauricio turns around like a little girl and tells Kyle exactly what happened. She gets that look like it’s just the biggest news she’s ever heard and it’s outrageous! You know…this one?

S3 E10 4

S3 E10 5

S3 E10 6

Oh yeah, Yolanda buys a painting.


Final Thoughts

I wish Mauricio would go away.



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