Beverly Hills Season 3 Episode 12

We’re back in Vegas with the ladies!



They’re all having loads of fun on the stripper pole except for Debbie Downer Marisa. Ick. What a buzz kill. She makes a comment about how being on a pole doesn’t empower women. Is she saying it degrades them? Maybe it’s a matter of opinion, but I sure as hell know I feel on top of the world when I go out dancing. Lighten up, Marisa! It’s fun. When she does have to go up to the pole, her half-assed bun bouncing all the way there, she keeps making comments on how she’s not sexy. That’s like…not sexy. Marisa moves down a couple points on my love meter.

In fact, after last night, she moves down quite a bit more. After a twitter fan asks whether or not Alex McCord (remember from NY?) thinks her and Marisa look alike (they kind of do), Marisa says it’s not a compliment at all! Ouch. Simon steps up to his wife’s defense and tells Marisa “#shameonyou.” She then goes on to throw small jabs at Simon and says he shouldn’t be reading this because he’s a man. Excuse me?

Bad, Marisa. Bad.

S3 E12


The Purse that No One Bought

Anyway, we go on to see Adrienne going to some meeting about her new purse/accessory line. What’s with these housewives thinking that people want to buy a bag with their name on it? It’s absolutely hideous. No one’s going to want to buy it. Not even at Marshall’s.

She makes a very bad jab at Brandi, saying she chooses to make a living selling bags and shoes. Brandi has to do it on a pole. 1) Your line is not going to be successful because a) your style sucks and b) no one wants an Adrienne Maloof bag. Lots of bullet points going on here. And 2) Girls want to go out and have fun. Period. So even if Brandi wasn’t there, they’d still do it! Hence, it will be successful 3) Maybe Adrienne can get a roll in a movie as a Freddy Kruger stunt double. Seriously, has any one ever asked Adrienne if she was happy with the way her face turned out? Maybe then we could also find out if she’s delusional.

S3 E12 1

Kyle gets a call from Kim in the limo, informing her that Kim’s going to get her nose done. Yolands doesn’t think it’s a good idea. The anesthesia is not a good thing for Kim.

Paul gets his back lasered to remove the hair. Every time Adrienne and Paul are on screen they are bitching at each other and this is even more stressful to me than the girls ripping each other apart on a reunion. It is so awkward.

Kim goes under to get her nose done.


Dinner and Jabs

This is where shit gets good. Dinner in Vegas.

The table is really pretty and all. The girls talk about Kim’s situation with her surgery. They are all worried that the pain medication Kim will take for her surgery will make her go back to her addictions. It’s a good point, but Kyle doesn’t think it’s very on concerning Kim. Yolands is worried as well.

Kyle gets very defensive when people ask why Kim wanted to do this. Kyle for once sticks up for her sister saying that maybe she is strong enough to do it and she really wanted it. They all move on and cheers, but Kyle has this very annoyed look on her face. Something tells me she doesn’t want to hide it either. I think Yolands sees it too.

Camille is sad Adrienne isn’t around. Yolands says she chose not to come. That’s right. Brandi says that she just doesn’t agree with her. Lisa asks Brandi to bring up the hidden secrets going on behind the cameras.

Apparently, Adrienne wanted to meet with Brandi, saying they were going to go against Lisa during the (last) reunion. Brandi called Camille freaking out. Camille said she knew that the other women were going to go after Lisa. Camille denies this and jumps up, very defensive. And watching this as the moment, I agreed with Lisa when she pointed out that Camille wouldn’t have gotten so riled up if she really didn’t say that. Camille gets high and mighty and tells Brandi that she is lying.

Very quietly, Camille says she will not stand for it, gets up, and struts away. Kyle jumps up and wobbles to her. Camille says Brandi is lying. Even in her interview, she says she did not say she knew about the ambush. She comes back and gives some bullshit about perspectives and how everyone sees things differently.

Brandi comes out saying Adrienne doesn’t own the Palms. She only owns 2% or something like that. Kyle thinks it’s very mean to say. So then Camille comes out and says that Lisa doesn’t own SUR. Lisa is all WTF, I invested in it (51%), dumb dumb. I never said I own the whole thing. Yolands doesn’t understand all this commotion. Who cares. Adrienne’s not here. She chose not to be here. Why is this conversation going on?  It’s no ones business who owns what.

So then Camille jumps up and says, “THAT’S THE POINT YOLANDA.” And gets all finicky and jumpy. Yolands shooshes her like a child and Camille checks herself. LOL. It’s so funny.

S3 E12 2

The girls jump up. Yolands is over it. She says they’ve wasted 3 dinners about this. In an interview, she says Kyle loves the drama. OMG, she does. She so does. Kyle is that girl who huffs in the corner that she hates drama, but is the first one to make a face or jump into something. She is such a gossip girl.

Brandi says she clearly knows where Camille stands. Camille is all, “What does that mean?” Yolands gets the hell out of there in her private plane. This is not worth her time.

So they all get up to finish dinner. Kyle says she feels stuck between Adrienne and Lisa. Um, no you don’t. Kyle is Adrienne’s attack dog. Though I don’t know why. Adrienne’s face could scare anyone away by itself.

Here is the real cool part. Camille and Brandi are standing in a hallway after the dinner. Camille is all upset that Brandi said Camille knew they were going to attack Lisa on the reunion. Brandi recalls the conversation with Camille on the phone, asking her whether or not she should meet with Adrienne. Camille says, yes I remember that. And Brandi asks her, “Don’t you remember the rest of the conversation?” Camille says something like, “I remember parts of it…but you put me on the spot by bringing it up.” Oh so interesting.

S3 E12 3

If that’s not a confession that she actually did say it and that she outright lied by denying it the whole time and played the “Brandi lies” card when she didn’t lie, I don’t know what is. On top of it, she tells us in an interview that she never said it. So now she’s lying to us too. Naughty, naughty, Camille. Way to throw Brandi under the bus.

Back In B Hills, Kim is recovering from her surgery and she made the decision not to take pain meds.

Lisa and Ken talk about Kyle being a shitty friend. Kyle tells Kim about Vegas. BLA BLA BLA.


Final Thoughts

Seriously, where’s Taylor? Ohhh, there she is. In the preview, giving the ‘look’ to Adrienne. That’s going to be good.

Also, Camille is a liar! Just fess up to it. They know they all talk shit about each other anyway.



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