Beverly Hills Season 3 Episode 13

I’d like to call this post… Who’s in my Camp?

S3 E 13

Before moving onto the tea party, I suppose I should quickly go over the beginning of the episode.

Kyle is getting ready to meet with Lisa and she’s telling Mauricio about how nervous she is or whatever. When she goes to meet Lisa she comes up with some BS that Lisa can take care of herself and she didn’t think Lisa needed back up. Kyle starts crying, which is just overly dramatic. Kyle wants them to just move on and stop holding grudges. Nevermind the fact that she gives Lisa a reason to hold a grudge…

Yolands and Brandi get together. Yolands thinks Brandi has been great and Adrienne needs to get over herself. I agree! “Who is Adrienne Maloof in this world?” Right.


Tea Party

Now the gates open up to Villa Rosa– Lisa’s home which has an Indian sort of vibe to it…much like SUR. She’s busy setting up a little get together for the girls. This is also a plug for Vanderpump Rules because some of the boys who work there are helping her out.

Brandi shows up looking like a million bucks. Now, I’m definitely Team Brandi at this point. But I won’t say she’s THE most beautiful person in the world. She definitely has an awesome body. But for some reason, maybe it’s her makeup or the pink highlights her face well, she’s looking very pretty.

Brandi gives Taylor a tour of Lisa’s house.

S3 E 13 1

Marisa shows up to Lisa’s. She looks cute too. The girls are looking cute. I love this tea party style.

Adrienne is unfortunately invited. So here she comes in her black dress, ruining the vibe. Kyle’s dress isn’t too summery either.

And Bravo. C’mon! C’mon! FAYE? Ughh, why is Faye going…

While we are on the subject of Faye going to the party. Kyle tweeted saying Lisa had invited Faye. Lisa responded by saying it was a lie. Very juicy drama on Twitter. These crazy ladies.

Bravo, I said I was going to boycott scenes with Faye in them and so far I have. But since this whole episode is frankly about the tea party, I cannot. Still, hate her. And I think most viewers will agree.

Taylor points out Adrienne has been selling stories. Can I sell stories? That sounds like fun.

The three worst girls in the B Hills arrive in the same limo. Adrienne, Kyle, and Faye. Everyone is confused as to why Faye is there.

S3 E 13 2

Camille shows up looking so cute. This was a good outfit day for most of the ladies. She brings gifts to Lisa to try and move forward from dinner and exclaiming that Lisa doesn’t own SUR. Lisa accepts.

Where’s  Kim? Kim’s not coming anymore because her dog hit her in the nose job. (That’s a new one).

So, I love tea. And watching the house maids make the tea and bring out all the goodies brought out a good amount of jealousy in me. They all sit down to formally drink tea…I guess. The table is pretty and pink. And…it’s pretty awkward. Everyone’s glancing around like something’s going to happen, especially when Lisa says everyone needs to get over the stupid stuff and be thankful for what they have.

The boys bring out these little tiny sandwiches. I would eat the whole damn tray. But the ladies slowly pick and eat while they open their gifts. Everyone gets a robe. That’s a little weird, but hey. It’s probably a very expensive robe and I’d take it.

Taylor gets drunk again and laughs obnoxiously. She gives everyone the finger when they tell her to do a flip or something. She says something like, “If I break my neck, I’ll have to sue everyone here.” AWWWKWAARDDDDDD. Everyone’s silent.

Kyle says she’s very excited about the white party. Taylor brings up last year and being kicked out of the party. It gets quiet again and Brandi tries to lighten things up. Lisa asks Brandi and Taylor to carry something into the kitchen. Obviously doesn’t need to be brought in, but she wants to talk to them. Everyone else at the table can see it too. Lisa, once she gets her aside, tells Taylor to cut the innuendos and cut the crap.

Adrienne says there is no law suit. Camille for some reason thinks its her job to tell everyone. I find it kind of creepy and very Camille Season 1 when she says, “She’s not suing her!” and smiles. Her smile looks too happy and excited, like a kid about to get cotton candy or something.

Taylor is upset because when Russel sent a letter, it was the end of the world to the girls. But when Adrienne does it, it’s okay. Taylor thinks Adrienne is lying about the lawsuit and letter. Adrienne says, well look at Brandi’s track record. Oh right. The track record where everyone calls her liar..but she’s usually telling the truth.

S3 E 13 3

Finally Brandi is back at the table. Adrienne says there is no lawsuit. Brandi, looking like she wants to get over it, says good. But Taylor won’t let it go. She says Adrienne sent the letter. Adrienne says no. Brandi is shocked that she’s lying.

Adrienne gets very defensive. She keeps saying Absolutely not….

Now we move onto the camps…

Adrienne then goes onto say Brandi accused someone from her “camp” about saying false things about her. I guess Bernie was the one who did it! Adrienne says, don’t you attack Bernie…Well, Bernie doesn’t exactly have the best track record. In fact, wasn’t there some kind of drama going on about Paul suing Bernie about spreading rumors? I thought I had read that somewhere. There’s a shot of Kyle and she looks very happy about the bashing on Brandi.

In an interview, Lisa tells us she thinks Adrienne is lying. A letter came from her camp. Again with the camp! Is this the buzz word of the day?

Who’s in my camp? My mom. My boyfriend I guess…if he doesn’t eat all the s’mores. That about wraps up my camp.

Brandi says she apologized in an email where she CC’d all the ladies so they couldn’t keep saying she didn’t apologize. They raise their voices and Brandi decides to leave. Good. I’m glad she’s choosing to walk away, but swearing at Adrienne as she walks away isn’t the best choice.

Kyle laughs that she’s never coming to one of Lisa’s tea parties ever again. This little drama queen. She loves it.


Final Thoughts

Adrienne’s a liar. Her camp needs to get their shit together.



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