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Adriana de Moura Marriage Drama — already married to Frederic?






It’s come to the attention of many bloggers and entertainment reporters that there might be some lies going on in the steamy city of Miami. This is not the first doubtful thing to come out of  the Housewives franchise and it certainly won’t be the last.

According to bloggers and reporters alike, Adriana de Moura is and has been married to Frederic…since 2008!


Adriana de Moura’s storyline on the Miami Housewives centers around her ex husband’s betrayal. Season one we learned he had a hidden, secret family and Adriana recalled the infamous call when the “other wife” called and confronted Adriana. The woman said she was his wife. But impossible, Adriana says, I am his wife.

This man’s name is Roberto Sidi. Apparently, Adriana said that she caught the cheating in 2006. Records indicate that she actually filed for divorce in 2001 and was officially divorced in 2003 (I’m not sure where this source comes from).

To top it off, a marriage license surfaced recently that says that Adriana and Frederic were married in 2008! Kind of blows her whole story line out of the water and makes you think what else is a bunch of malarkey, if Bravo looks into the women they are hiring, or if everything is scripted.

From Miami Herald Blog

Copied from The Miami Herald Blog

We can give The Miami Herald Blog credit for digging up most of the dirt on this one! This is what  Adriana’s publicist had to say:

“Adriana did get divorced in 2003, but her and Roberto tried to work things out and had a common law marriage until 2006. [This explains finding the cheating in 2006, but being actually divorced a few years earlier.] After breaking it off she then met Frederic in 2008. On a romantic whim after dating briefly, Adriana and Frederic went to the clerk’s office on their own with no friends and family, and were married. There was a discrepancy in the certificate – so instead of having the marriage fix [sic] or annulled, they decided to take a step back and hold off until they were truly ready. Adriana and Frederic are planning to have a beautiful (and proper) wedding this spring.”

In addition: “Marriage certificates are not valid by law if there is a typo on it. There was a typo on their certificate. I have no further comments at this time.”

I guess this has to do with Adriana’s maiden name. It’s really ‘Moura’ and not ‘de Moura,’ or something like that.

Should we believe this? Well, I guess that kind of depends on whether you want to.

When the blog reached out to Bravo, publicist Ryan McCormick replied, “We were not aware that they were married.”

Well, with all this going on, we can’t help but ask, does the couple consider themselves married?

marriage twit

There you have it. Whether she sees herself as married or whether she wants to continue the lies, Adriana says they are not married.

Fans, however, are not happy. Many are blaming Bravo and asking Adriana to be taken off the show next season. I, in all honestly, don’t see what the big fuss is all about. If you thought for a second the housewives were still as real as they were back in the day, you are delusional. And in all honesty, how much did you REALLY follow Adriana’s and Frederic’s relationship? Did you REALLY care about that storyline? Sheesh. How many times do we say that a license is “just a piece of paper.”

I’m not condoning lies, but to take it so seriously is taking reality TV…too seriously.

What’s even more shocking to me is Adriana’s age! 47? Looking really, really good.








Note: This information is not mine. I will never have an exclusive because I don’t have the time or energy to stay that committed to the housewives. Information I get is read from various blogs and websites and I compile what I have come to understand.

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Miami Season 2 Episode 17 Reunion Pt. 2






This reunion is kind of everywhere.


Not Joe Business

We come back and are talking about Lisa’s party. Did Joanna sleep with Joe Francis? No. No criminals on her plate, thank you very much. Her sister? She won’t speak on her behalf. Ana says Lea brought Joe Francis as a prop and Joanna agrees, saying that Joe Francis knew she would be there. Lea thinks that’s dumb. I, however, do not. It makes complete sense. He knew she was a housewife. The housewives were being filmed. Let’s get some TV time!


Hey, Pay Attention to Me!

S2-E17 1

I don’t know why, but Lisa! Omgosh, Lisa! I don’t know what to think of her. I went from hating, to liking, to not caring. At this point, I am over it. She just cares about stupid stuff and says the dumbest things. When asked if there were any regrets, Joanna said she wishes she didn’t drink so much and Adriana wishes she didn’t get physical. But oh, boohoo. Lisa comes around and says no one cares about her feelings! It was her party! And it was ruined! Like c’mon.  Well, Lisa this is all I have to say about that:


Karent talks about the article and how it wasn’t her fault. Adriana apologizes about freaking out and apologizes to Joanna for getting to a “low level.” Joanna agrees.

Joanna talks about how her photos were “stealen” for an escort service. In fact, she’s in a lawsuit with two clubs that have done the same thing. Same! Same! Lisa shouts. But hey, shut up, no one cares and no one stopped to listen. Marysol says, “Why don’t these things happen to me?” LOL. That was funny.

Joanna talks about her tickle fetish video. She was young and dumb, she says. Hey, I’m young and dumb but school and the real world has drilled into my head that that shit follows you everywhere so tough luck.

Ana brings up the Joe Francis as a prop thing again. She says he discussed the Joanna confrontation with her and he said that Lea knew what was going to happen. Lea jumped up, diamonds blinding and all. Lea says she’s boring and Ana attacks Lea’s age. “This is not the Old and Restless!” Haha. Karent again says some hallmark BS about experience and age. Sighhhhhhhhhh.


Enter Cuban Barbie

Alexia, Cuban Barbie, takes a seat on the couch. Her boobs have a life of their own in this dress. She’s looking like a witch/vampire slayer. But in a super glam glam way.


It’s a heartwarming moment as Alexia talks about her son and Marysol sheds some tears. Lea pats invisible tears. Adriana commends Alexia for being a strong, great mother.

We move onto Peter’s arrest. He hit a homeless man and it was videotaped. She says it’s because of the stress from his brother’s accident. He knows he’s wrong. She starts crying hard and goes on to say that Peter does have his punishments. So then we move on to Karent mentioning Frankie, Alexia’s son, at the venue party. Karent has this moment where she thinks she’s being hardcore or whatever and wants to speak up. But then Alexia says she’s going to speak up too so Karent  should shut up. So she does. LOL.


Pointing Fingers

Andddddddd we move onto a montage of how annoying Karent is. I love Marysol’s “carrier pigeon’” title. “Here comes the carrier pigeon swooping in. I unroll the message from her leg and it says ‘you’re in trouble for wearing fur’.” HAHA I love that. So Karent tries to defend herself for always stirring up trouble.  Joanna and Lisa support Karent. The same old.

Moving onto the article in Bimini. Lisa tries to say that she was cornered into telling Karent. Everyone, and I mean even Andy, agreed that it was smart that Alexia took Lisa aside to tell Karent about it. After all, she’s like her only friend. But hey, Lisa wants to blame everyone else. In all seriousness, she really didn’t have to tell Karent right then. Then Lisa tells Alexia not to talk to her like a child. Hard to when you act like one. Okay yeah, definitely over Lisa at this point.

They talk about the rumors about Alexia’s husband being gay. Alexia says everything that comes out of Joanna’s mouth is trash. Wow! Alexia talks about how much she loves her husband and Joanna and Karent mock her for getting emotional.

Marysol and Lea talk about Marysol’s marriage and how Lea put it down for the whole green card thing. Marysol said she was a sucky wife.

Andy asks Lisa about how she met Lenny in Vegas. REALLY don’t care. Moving on. She does say she regrets doing Playboy and thinks it’s rather cheesy. Interesting… Don’t know if I believe it.

Marysol has to pee. Lea turns to Karent and says, “Maybe she wouldn’t have to pee so much if she didn’t drink so much.” Very nice, Lea. That kind of hit the nail in the coffin to me about that one. What a nasty old witch. She really does hide every insult in a laugh then says it’s okay. She used to be one of my favorites…shame.


Mama Elsa’s Two Cents

MAMA ELSA! ARRIBA! She doesn’t think Joanna has respect for people. Adriana laughs. And then the best line of the night: “I am a very good friend, but a very bad enemy.” I guess Joanna called her the devil or something and she was very offended. Karent starts saying something and Mama Elsa basically tells her to shut up, saying, “I’m not talking to you, number three!” HAHA.

We go onto Kramer’s dinner party. He has tried calling Mama Elsa to go out and she says that she does not want to see him. Lisa is annoyingly shaking her head because she cannot even accept the fact that some people don’t kiss ass in life. When is doubt, Lisa dances on a poll on the dinner table. No matter what!

More useless talk ensues for a while.


Can You Feel the Love Tonight? Me neither.

We end the reunion talking about relationships. Ana still has love for her ex. Marysol is doing good without Phillippe. Adriana is planning the wedding. Joanna and Romain are excited to tie the knot. Karent is glad she’s done with Rodolfo. Lea gets emotional and basically says Ana is off her rocker and she is not going to forget it.


S2-E17 2


Final Thoughts

This season was definitely ‘stealen’ by Karent and Rodolfo’s fake, annoying relationship. I still love all the old girls minus Lea. Lisa, as we know, was a roller coaster of dislike, like, really dislike. Karent—I wouldn’t care if I never saw or heard about her again. Ana surprisingly got me to like her. Joanna I am very indifferent about. Marysol will always seem like a kind heart to me.

Even though this season was 10x better than the last, I’m not that upset to see it end.



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Happy New Year!




Happy New Year to all!

As we look towards the new year, we want to think about our resolutions, what we hope to achieve, and what we hope to learn. However, there ain’t no future without the past or present.

To honor the upcoming year and all the good things to come, I’ve decided to take some rather angry moments in housewives history and pump it up with some new years fun. Without further adieu, let’s take those frowns upside down.

happynewyearter copy

happynewyearvic copyhappynewyearkenya copy
happynewyearjanda copy

I think someone’s super excited about this new year! That’s some intense dancing.

Also, former DC housewife and sharp tongued Brit, Catherine Ommanney welcomed her daughter Zara Isabella to the world on December 28th. What a great start to a new year.

cat baby


Happy New Year everyone! It’s all about new beginnings, love, and happiness. I hope it’s fabulous.




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Miami Season 2 Episode 16

The reunion begins with the usual meet and greet. Andy went around and said hi to everyone.

Lea was shining in diamonds. Ana looked absolutely gorgeous. But Adriana’s dress automatically reminded me of Tre’s dress from the RHONJ reunion. Channeling a little bit of her spunk there, Adriana?


Okay, maybe a little different. But the spunk was still there.


The Plastics

We move onto talking about plastic surgery or “enhancements.” Po-ta-toe, Pot-a-toe. Lisa says her husband has only done her breasts and injected her face. The list of all the other things she’s done pre-Lenny was just too long to share. We’d need a couple more parts to the reunion for that. Joanna says she had breast enhancements, Lea says she hasn’t touched her face. Mama Elsa gets mentioned with her unfortunate surgeries.

Now, we move on to the good stuff. Joanna and Romain. Andy heard they broke up. They did, but now they are back together, thanks to her mom! Adriana scoffs. Lies, she says. Publicity stunt. She is so ready with her claws in this reunion. Just the faces she makes while Joanna is speaking lets you know that she will not stay quite for one second.

Joanna v. Adriana is a tough one for me. I honestly don’t dislike either. Adriana is always fun and crazy, which I love. She is a little harsh in the reunion, however. Joanna can be crazy literally and sometimes I want to cringe when she speaks, but she sort of reminds me of a typical girl that we can all relate to. When Andy asks if Joanna thinks Romain is getting a little something something from someone else, Adriana goes on a laughing spree and claps.

Ana makes a point about bullying, saying it’s a huge deal and a serious issue. Adriana and Joanna have no right to call each other bullies. Lisa steps in and says she’s been bullied, but she doesn’t act like a psycho. And then–boom. Joanna says her and Lisa are not friends anymore. Left field, anyone? Lisa didn’t want to take sides and I guess that was the whole thing that split them apart.

S2-E16 2

Lisa is such a tough bug for me. I told you I disliked her in the beginning, which I did. Then I started to like her, which I did. But her whole peacemaker “Hey I’m actually a really smart and really cool and totally calm girl” act is a little forced and honestly a little overdone. She has taken so many roles in this season, it’s hard to tell which she is.

Lea tears up as she tells Adriana she’s basically acting like a lunatic. Which she is.


Housewife Hunter #2

Okay, this whole Karent and Rodolfo thing breezed over like it was nothing. Um, excuse me? It was the most ridiculous thing in this season and it caused a bit of drama in Bimini. When Andy asked Karent about it, she used her father’s illness as a buffer to bypass talking about it. Why? Because she knows she looked like a complete idiot the whole time? Because she’d rather comment on other people’s fights than start her own? Remember, she cares when it matters. Eye roll.

By far the best line goes to– drum roll please—Ana! For calling Rodolfo the Mexican Slade. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. That is so fabulously perfect. Slade is crying on Gretchen’s couch, curling her hair, and picking up her dog’s shit watching this.

Anyway, Karent continues to spout more BS about believing her heart and putting up walls and more mumbo jumbo she read from the Dr. Phil website.

Lea says that she didn’t know everyone was attacking Karent until she saw the show and she was not okay with it. Oooh, baby. Ana is not having it! This is when she pulls up her britches and gets to business. Ana calls her out saying that Lea talked about Karent and she is nothing but a liar that puts on a facade. People drink up her koolaid for some reason and she won’t do it.

The show shows clips of Lea cutting everyone down with a laugh. All the girls say they were hurt by them. Lisa says she didn’t like Lea in the beginning because Lea thought she was an airhead. Wait a minute…She thought a girl whose tagline is “My husband is the number one plastic surgeon in this town and I’m his best creation” and walks around with her breasts up to her chin, and whose claim to fame is sitting her husband’s house…an airhead? NO. Obviously Lisa has more up her sleeve, but she really doesn’t make it easy to like her right off the bat.

Ana v. Lea continues. They cut each other down. Lea bashes Ana’s real estate deals or whatever. Ana doesn’t think Lea is self-made. And at this point, I’m kind of over it.

S2-E16 1

Listen, I like Ana. She is the most real, most confident, most secure woman I’ve seen in most of the housewives, locations and all. So, if she is going after Lea for something, I have to believe she has a reason for it. I like Lea only for her humor. But, in the end, Ana wins my heart and I wonder where this fire comes from.

Not to say she isn’t being ridiculous at times with comments about Lea’s son, but she is angry and there is a reason. I just don’t truly know all of it. EDIT. When you assume, you make an ass out of ‘u’ and ‘me.’ And that’s very true in this case. I assumed Ana was attacking Lea’s child. With a lot of times in the housewives franchise, you find yourself with a lack of information or totally withheld from any. Ana was not attacking Lea’s son. She was using Lea’s own words (socially awkward) that were used against her daughters.

According to Ana, “She said more than once that my girls were inappropriate potty mouths that will have trouble in social circles if they didn’t change their language – and also that the apples didn’t fall far from the tree. So when I said they weren’t socially awkward – that is what I was referring to and not her son who I have never exchanged 2 words with.”

Ana’s relationship with her ex and with her children is one I find very open and honest. I would like to have something like that in my future.

Maybe we should point the fingers at ourselves and say we’re assholes for jumping to the conclusion that Lea’s son would be deemed socially awkward by someone else.

Looks like Ana is slowly becoming one of my favorite housewives…and you know what I like to do about that? Buy their cookbooks of course!


Same Drama, Different Episode

We move onto Marysol v. Lea. This doesn’t really go anywhere either. It’s the same as the episodes. It’s about stuff that we haven’t seen and frankly don’t give a shit about. Ana tries to defend Marysol and Marysol doesn’t wait it. She doesn’t want to be made out to be the poor, unfortunate soul. Lea makes this outrageous accusation that if it wasn’t for Ana, her and Marysol would be friends. UM WHAT? Marysol says that’s stupid, which it is.

Lisa, brains and all, doesn’t get why the eff it’s such a big deal. Marysol makes good points. Her business is a big deal. It’s her life and she had girls to pay and girls who rely on the company. Lisa sits back because she realizes she doesn’t understand what it’s like to really work for something and have people depend on you. You freaked out because someone pushed someone into a pool at your party. It’s myyyy partyyy and I’ll cryyyy if I wanttt toooo. I think Marysol’s got a point here.

There’s a little tidbit about Adriana’s “beat me to the tweet.” Does anyone else hate these little 2 minute scenes as much as I do? Completely useless.


Me, Myself, and My Vodka

We move onto a segment of Joanna completely embarrassing herself with drinks. Does she think she has a problem? No. Does Adriana? Yes.

She calls her evil and that the truth is in the wine in Latin or something. They go at it like cats for a little bit– same old, same old.

Then it switches over to Adriana’s large mouth. She insults Polish immigrants, which I personally took offense to. But hey, Joanna makes fun of Adriana and Brazil’s slums. Tit for tat. Do two wrongs really make a right?

Adriana suggests that Joanna is a racist by some very vague tweets. That’s a very large stretch there.

They show Adriana’s and Joanna’s physical fight, which cracks me up every time! It’s so hilarious. Just the faces they make are hilarious. They continue to bicker. Meow, meow. Hiss, hiss.

She goes onto this dumb Ho-anna stuff. I guess Joanna said Adriana speaks Spanglish, so she called her Ho-anna. It was something dumb like that.


Final Thoughts

This reunion was highly, highly disappointing.

Was anyone as bored as me? It was the same stuff that happened throughout the season. The whole Rodolfo thing never reached a conclusion. Adriana and Joanna went at it and didn’t make sense half the time.

Over it.



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Miami Season 2 Episode 15

Love, love, love! Love in the air, love over here and there, love in my hair! This episode is all about love. So let’s get to it.


Healing Holes

It’s a stormy day in Bimini and the housewives are stuck. What else is there to do but to heal at the healing hole minus the hole? Seriously, there was no hole.

However, the scene was a nice one and seemed to bring the odd bunch of girls closer together. Everyone held a flower that symbolized something in their lives that they wished for or wanted or felt stressed about and threw the flower into the clear blue water of the ocean. Ana’s wishes for Robert to be happy and good things to come was especially touching to me. She’s always the tough one so to see her so open and upset was a different view of her. There’s some revelations and moments of peace from some of the ladies as this magical moment makes them realize what’s truly important.


Back to Miami

All of sudden we are back in Miami joining Adriana, Frederic, and Adriana’s son at a piano recital where she joins him in a lovey song that the editors so cleverly made the background music for these love-filled scenes. It’s really cute, though.


Afterword, Adriana and Frederic tell her son that they made plans to get married in the spring! Aww. However, he’s a little taken back that Frederic didn’t ask him for his opinion. He is the man in Adriana’s family, after all. It gets better, they tell him. After the wedding, they’ll all pack up and live on the boat, floating forever in a sea of love. Told you there was going to be a lot of love.

Let’s move onto Joanna. Finally, a Polish girl on the series. Me and my fellow Polish gals were rooting for her until she proved that all Polish girls have a crazy bone in them. Then we just accepted this. But, control your alcohol, Joasiu!

She walks into her home and sees flower pedals…everywhere! She’s OMG-ing and covering her mouth in surprise. Romain emerges from the bedroom like a Greek god tickled pink. He gets down on his knees and re-proposes to Joanna with a stunning necklace. They have a moment of honestly where he truly apologizes for his actions regarding those pig emails. Joanna admits she was hurt, but knows that she loves him. Let’s try and forget that they broke up for a while (which I was totally devastated about). Don’t fret for they are back together. In this little sneak peak, we can see that they are back together (hurrah!) and Joanna v. Adriana has sizzled back to life.

Oh, but even better! Joanna and Romain decide on a spring wedding as well. Do I smell Bride Wars Miami style? Make it happen, Andy!

S2-E15 2

Now, I know a lot of people are against Romain and Joanna being together. Sure, Joanna has her problems. She has anger issues, can act a little crazy, and takes Romain for granted. Show me a woman that is none of those things! Just from watching the show and the way they interact with each other and the way her mother relates to him, I can tell they really do truly care for each other. Let’s not forget that Romain had his stunt with the emails and the cameras are not following him around all the time. His stability is good for her and I wish them all the love and luck in the world. What did I tell you? Lots of love, love, love!


Dos Divorces

Now we move onto the divorces. Even though these wouldn’t seem like the loveliest of times, there’s still love in these scenes. Ana is at the table with Robert with the final papers that make the divorce official. It’s sad. I can tell she’s accepted the fact that the marriage is over and she needs to move on, but I think she’s afraid that signing the piece of paper will make those 23 years nonexistent. I’d like to pause and say, 23 years?! That’s a long time and makes you wonder if there is a difference between loving someone and being in love. Might be the case here.

I’m sorry, but I can see where Robert and Ana’s relationship might not have worked. Does anyone find him incredibly rude to her emotions? I understand he likes to make jokes to make light of things, but she is clearly upset and laughing at her only belittles her feelings and makes it seem as if he doesn’t care to acknowledge them. Take it from a girl whose boyfriend has laughed problems off. That is the worst thing you can do! Don’t do it. I can see that behavior taking a large toll on a couple–especially when facing challenges that I’m sure 23 years of marriages gives you.

Nevertheless, the girls are there for their parents and they are still truly a family– a wonderful one at that.

We move onto Marysol and Phillippe. Phillippe has gained a few pounds, has he not? Maybe the divorce is taking a toll on him as well. They share some feelings of being ready to move on and knowing that the marriage did not work. They still care a great deal about each other. So there, LOVE. It’s not going away, people. Later, when Marysol is sharing a meal with Mama Elsa, looking like two wild jungle cheetahs, she calls Phillippe to invite him to her anniversary party for her company. They seem happy! It seemed like getting that marriage crap out of the way let them be happy and comfortable with each other again. I hope they stay friends and Marysol finds her true hunk of burning love out there.


S2-E15 3


Small Break from Love for some Laughs

The show brings in the humor this episode with Daisy’s surgery. Lisa is allowed to watch and distracts. Daisy says funny things and Lisa promises to take care of her.

Joanna and Lisa meet with Lea and they sit down to talk. Lea gives her story of how she worked and was very independent before she met Roy. Lisa needs to find what makes her tick and follow it. I agree. Lisa does not give herself credit for anything and is really just a housewife. I love the bond that Lisa and Lea formed over the season.


Love is Blind…and Deaf…and Stubborn

Karent has been busy taking care of her sick father. Very sad. She says she doesn’t have time to worry about Rodolfo. Family comes first.

When she does eventually talk to him, she gobbles up another BS story of the whole kissing thing to be a media stunt to boost this show he’s working on. Is she seriously that dumb? She believes it and smiles the whole way through. Ladeedada. I can’t stand her. Even if that were true, do you think that’s an amazing candidate to have for your plans of having a family and stable husband? No. He’s gross. She has broken up with him since so thank you heaven!


Boom, baby!

Lisa and Lenny are going over plans for their new house on Star Island (which sounds like a video game from Sega or something). She asks where the baby rooms are and voices her concerns about wanting to be close to the baby. They remain hopeful and optimistic about their chances for a family. Lisa tells Lenny she loves him and points out she doesn’t say it very much. You should say it more, Lenny says. She cries and they hug.


Wrap It Up

The season finale wraps up at Marysol’s party. All the girls share their lovely experiences with love since they’ve been back from vacation. Adriana and Joanna half joke about having a joined wedding. It’s very awkward and everything. Lisa shoots down Rodolfo. Karent smiles.

Who should come out of the woodwork but Elaine? Uggghh. I guess the show needed a way to show Elaine v. Marysol was over since she invited him to perform and, yet again, there is love…until we see the previews for the reunion.

S2-E15 4

In the little future statements the show gives us about each of the women, we learn that Lea is writing a book about Miami. Lisa is planning much for her future family. Joanna and Romain are broken up (but now back together). It’s kind of lame when I hear stuff about the girls in the media before the show. Kind of ruins it. Karent has finally broken up with Rodolfo. Ana is happy. Marysol is happy. I honestly don’t remember all of them, but people are happy and there is love!


Final Thoughts

This season was a gazillion times better than the last one! This is proven by the fact that they actually get a real reunion show this time. I started out not liking the new women. Lisa grew on me and I hope if she is back she picks up a better tagline and finds more confidence in herself. Actually, I’d love her to come back with a baby. Joanna has been a roller coaster of a ride. She is pretty crazy and I found myself not liking her many times. In all, I’m indifferent about her, but hope she and Romain make it out alive. Ana was the most relatable. Karent I could do without. The older girls that Bravo kept were kept for a reason. Lea was fabulous as always. Marysol was a sweetheart. Adriana was always there for a laugh and a good time. While this isn’t my favorite housewives location, it was a good season.

Can’t wait for the mess that the reunion is going to be!



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Miami Season 2 Episode 14





This episode started out a little weird with Joanna and Lisa making a ruckus in the bedroom. A pillow fight with two hot girls! They’re silly and fun– they’re just like us (but better)! Who’d a thunk?


Act One Scene One

Right away Lea jumps into the talk from yesterday. Any normal person would want to know if someone was cheating on them. Any normal person would want to see the article. You have to be crazy yourself not to agree with her. Karent can say until the end of time that she’s confident in her relationship, but I’m not buying it. A part of me believes the rumors that her and Rodolfo are a fake couple. A part of me says she has been hurt before and is faking this confidence thing until she convinces not only everyone around her, but herself as well. The best women get cheated on. Cue the Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock stories. I don’t know if she’s got problems, is clueless, or is really that naive. I find it almost offensive to women that she can talk this huge successful independence game, then act like a total bimbo. The ones that act like they have no problems have the biggest issues.

The BS part of it all is that she continues to say she’s heard things about Alexia’s and the other women’s relationships, but doesn’t “give a sh*t.” She is soooooooo flattered that the other women care enough about her to investigate her relationship. Get over yourself. You’re on a TV show. I try hard to like Karent, but there’s something about that fake smile and dumb attitude that I don’t agree with.

Lea’s comment about Roy cheating on her: priceless. “He can’t afford to cheat on me.” Karent goes on to do this annoying act using Joanna and Lisa to show how Lea bosses Roy and the kid around. Once again, she insults with a smile on her face, making it okay– I guess. Lea laughs and doesn’t care, but is glad Karent has an opinion. Karent responds saying, “I have an opinion when it matters.”




Oh, Karent. Good for you! This mattered so much, but your failing relationship that is stopping you from having children and starting a family when time is limited…eh. Maybe some other time.



Pack Your Bags—Guilt Trip for One

Switch to the other women all snuggled up in blankies. Marysol calls Mama Elsa. Who doesn’t love a little Mama Elsa? “Marysol…I’m not a Bictoriaaannnn lady.” And this time she has some pretty good things to say and makes Alexia feel guilty about the article thing. She tells the ladies that it’s none of their business. In real life, it’s not. In TV land, you betcha. Alexia tries to flush the article down the toilet, but it doesn’t want to go away. A little literary device in today’s episode? Hm? A little foreshadowing?


Cue the Music

Once the storm starts brewing and the cheesy Full House music begins,you know there’s a serious talk about to come. Lea and Lisa talk about Lisa’s troubles having kids and Lea offers good advice that can be applied to any situation. It was a good scene. I have to admit Lisa was not on my good side in the beginning of the season. I’m always a little cautious about new girls and she seemed like she had a chip on her shoulder. Her tagline, “My husband is Miami’s number one plastic surgeon, and I’m his best creation,” or something like that is beyond pathetic and demeaning. I hope she has a better one next time that doesn’t scream “self-esteem issues.” She deserves better than that.

After seeing her throw her party, bond with Lea, and deal with the girls, she grew on me. Her troubles with her marriage and having kids really seem to humble her and you can’t help but feel some sympathy and realize not all is as it seems. Lea’s promise that she will have kids one day is a huge one, but I do hope it comes true. Good luck, Lisa! But please relax on the surgery—when you can’t tell what a person really used to look like is when it’s enough.

S2-E14 2


Five Star Lunch

The conch stand scene is awesome. It’s relaxing, homey, cultural—the exact place a housewife doesn’t belong.

The girls are put off by the conch. Joanna makes a dirty joke and laughs like she’s surprised she said it. Marysol makes a huge decision, saying that she’s going to sign the papers and leave the ex. Good for her. I don’t know the relationship—it wasn’t shown that much. But if someone is not happy, they should just change it. Revelations at the conch stand.

There’s a parallel drawn between Karent and Marysol, both trying to avoid confrontation and problems in their relationship. Marysol seems to have jumped on board. Karent missed take off.


Dinner and a Show

Seeing Karent cry from the news about her father is sad. There’s no flight out and she’s stranded. But, the show must go on. The girls get together for dinner.

Lisa tells the camera that the ladies will think that Karent’s not there because of the night before. And she goes on to cut through the positivity when Alexia tries to compliment everyone at the table. She asks what Alexia thinks about Karent and Alexia says Karent is not here so she doesn’t want to talk about her. Nay, Lisa insists. Way to be the neutral peacemaker there, sport.

The girls dish out their beef. They say Karent doesn’t take responsibility and is clueless about everything. I can see that. Joanna isn’t having it and will go down with Karent. She calls Marysol out for the whole Elaine thing (whom I’m quite sick of at this point—old news and boring). Marysol tells her  she apologized even though she didn’t need to. Lea is not having it. They go back and forth. Lisa gives her two cents for whatever reason. Don’t get into it! Leave it alone. This drama is so useless in the show. It is all about he said she said. She called on the phone. He said this at this party. Stuff that didn’t happen on the show. Stuff that doesn’t deal with the housewives. Bla bla. Why is this still getting airtime?

Joanna tells Alexia that there are rumors that her husband is gay. LOL. Hilarious! Left field, baby! Adriana is my girl. So funny and is always ready to have a laugh. She says that everyone is so stressed. Is she the only one getting some around here? Maybe so. With Frederic, I’d rather not picture it.

The conversation centers around proof and responsibility. Once again, there’s a parallel with Marysol and Karent. Not only do they not confront the problems in their relationship, they don’t take responsibility for anything. Karent doesn’t with her meddling with the media and refusing to look at the picture proof of Rodolfo’s infidelity. Marysol doesn’t with the gala drama and Elaine mumbo jumbo. With Marysol, I don’t know. With Karent, the proof is in the pudding, honey.

Marysol and Lea’s fight is so boring. The gala drama and Elaine drama is so done. The show’s just beating it to death. Different girls believe different sides.

But—Marysol’s statement: “You think your gala legitimized my business? My business legitimized your gala.”

BAM. Loved it.

Adriana gets into it to support Lea and James somehow squeezes his way into the show again. Hitting myself over the head. Ana has an internal struggle on whether or not to defend Marysol. And she does. Good for her, taking a stand for what she believes in. I agree with her wholeheartedly. This has been going on way too long. Lea likes to wave her hands and yell. Marysol likes to shake her head and be done with it. “Agree to disagree, I don’t give a sh*t.” Right on, Ana.

But wait. Lisa, the one who started the whole thing, comes out halo and all, spouting spiritual nonsense, and wants to heal at a hole. Great plan!

The ladies, classy as always, give hugs afterward. Lea and Marysol begin to cry as they hug it out. Lea realizes she has a strong personality and feels bad for Marysol. Marysol misses their friendship. Lisa starts crying that cry where you don’t want anyone to see but Joanna points it out so then she shakes her head like she’s mad at herself. Everyone hugs and takes a shot with the chef.

S2-E14 3



Final Thoughts

I think this vacation suffered from one major thing. There was no drunk Ramona or Sonja to spice things up! C’mon ladies. Even Beverly Hills got wasted and had a little fun.

What happened with Karent’s father was sad and unfortunate, but I agree with Lea. She has to wake up and stop avoiding everything. Smiling as you insult and constantly hinting that the ladies are so jealous is ridiculous. Let’s see some realness.

I hope the hugs and all mean that Lea v. Marysol v. Elaine is over. It was like hearing Paula Deen talk. I just can’t stand it.



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