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TGIF GIF (2/1/13)

When my boyfriend picks up the remote while the Housewives are on–




(not mine. from here.)

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Happy New Year!




Happy New Year to all!

As we look towards the new year, we want to think about our resolutions, what we hope to achieve, and what we hope to learn. However, there ain’t no future without the past or present.

To honor the upcoming year and all the good things to come, I’ve decided to take some rather angry moments in housewives history and pump it up with some new years fun. Without further adieu, let’s take those frowns upside down.

happynewyearter copy

happynewyearvic copyhappynewyearkenya copy
happynewyearjanda copy

I think someone’s super excited about this new year! That’s some intense dancing.

Also, former DC housewife and sharp tongued Brit, Catherine Ommanney welcomed her daughter Zara Isabella to the world on December 28th. What a great start to a new year.

cat baby


Happy New Year everyone! It’s all about new beginnings, love, and happiness. I hope it’s fabulous.




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